RCMP forced to sideline 300 criminal cases thanks to absurd immigration policy

Counter-terrorism Multiculturalism work has ‘sidetracked’ 300 RCMP criminal probes

“We have over 600 officers reassigned to counter-terrorism, so that brings us up to 870 people [working on it],” he said.

“It’s a question of priority setting, right now we’re putting the priority on counter-terrorism … it’s very labour intensive.

“So then the question is, at what cost? And the cost is these other [investigations] – I think we’ve sidelined about 321 significant criminal investigations outside counter-terrorism. That’s going to have an effect after time.”

He also said the RCMP’s watchlist is growing, with people in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec who either want to go abroad for reasons that concern police, or have gone and come back.