Musings Of An Average Joe: This Radical Islam Problem Is Much, Much Worse Than We Think

We get it. Not every single, solitary Muslim in the world is a terrorist. We don’t need Pres. Obama to constantly remind us that “99.9%” of Muslims are simply wonderful people…

…Pres. Obama seems more concerned with the backlash against Muslims-a backlash that has yet to happen-than he is with dealing with the problem of Islamic extremism. Most Germans were not Nazis but there were enough to cause the world some problems several decades ago. Just because individuals do not strap bombs to themselves or massacre schoolchildren does not mean they are decent human beings. Terrorist sympathizers are potential terrorists or at the very least, potential accessories to terrorism. ISIS does not appear to have a recruiting problem. Let’s look at just a few incidents that debunk Pres. Obama’s 99.9% theory, and that should send a chill down the spine of every person living in the free world…

  • The sleepy world is waking up.

    Islam is a killing cult.

  • luna

    Even if you assume 99.9% of Muslims are not blood thirsty savages, that still leaves an army of about 1.5 million.

    And the worst part is surveys suggest 99.9% figure is not close to reality today.

    • winniec

      ‘Not close to reality’?
      How about ONE Muslim out of SIX is a jihad supporter? That comes from the attitude surveys. In Canada, 160,000 Muslims expressed support for violent jihad organizations. A few hundred or those are prepared to commit violent acts. The remainder will enable them! Worldwide 200,000,000 Muslims support violent jihad!
      That is a huge number. The problem is the doctrine of political Islam. We must focus on destroying political Islam.

      • luna

        Winniec, you seem quite knowledgeable on the doctrine of Islam. As I see it the doctrine is fundamentally incompatible with our way of life (liberty, equality, fraternity), and incapable of reform. How do you see this playing out over the next century, and what should we be doing to stop it?

  • Ed

    Yes, and being anti Nazi didn’t make you Germanophobic. How this scam of “islamophobia” has had any traction as an argument is amazing to me.

    • Justin St.Denis

      When you want to be a victim, inventing a crime against yourself and inventing a word to name it with actually works in a post-literate society. Islamophobia, unlike genuine phobias, is not listed in the AMA’s list of recognized psychiatric disorders. Funny that.

  • winniec

    The comparison to Nazism is interesting. Germany has banned Nazism 100%. Saudi Arabia and all Arab countries would have to ban Islam 100% for the collapse of Islam to succeed. They have begun the process by banning the Muslim Brotherhood. All Western countries need to ban the MB and their front organizations such as CAIR.

  • Why would Obama care about Islamism (which i believe he supports)? Anything to destabilise the US and the West- illegal immigration, no oil, anti-Israel sentiment, race-baiting- is fine by him.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Pretty much. His latest thing is trannies in the Armed Forces. I hope that offended someone. šŸ˜‰

      • But nothing offends anyone.

        People in the US will riot over anything but him.

  • cmh

    i politely disagree, all people who identify as muslim are terrorists. read all about their terror based cosmology in the koran.