Lance Armstrong and UCI ‘colluded to bypass doping accusations’

A damning report published on Monday shows how cycling’s world governing body, the UCI*, colluded with Lance Armstrong from 1999 to 2009 to circumvent accusations he doped and to cement his status as the pre-eminent personality in the sport.

The report reads: “There are numerous examples that prove Lance Armstrong benefited from a preferential status afforded by the UCI leadership … UCI did not actively seek to corroborate whether allegations of doping against Lance Armstrong were well-founded [but] fell back to a defensive position as if every attack against Lance Armstrong was an attack against cycling and the UCI leadership … there was a tacit exchange of favours between the UCI leadership and Lance Armstrong, and they presented a common front.”

The tone was set at the episode in the 1999 Tour de France when Armstrong’s doctors provided a backdated prescription for cortisone after he tested positive for the drug. “The UCI failed to apply its own rules … which constituted a serious breach of its obligations … to govern the sport correctly,” states the report…

*UCI: Union Cycliste International