ISIS is the Syndrome, Sharia the Real Malignancy

As the US-led kinetic war against ISIS continues with indifferent success and less than certain prospects to date, answering the obvious question of what motivates that murderous organization becomes more pressing by the day. Remarkably, there have been no visible efforts in that direction by either the White House or the Defense Department. Indeed, the much touted Obama Administration-sponsored conference on “countering violent extremism” further obfuscated the issue by its oxymoronic definition of terrorism as “acts of violence” committed “against people of different faiths, by people of different faiths.” Neither did the “Team America” high-level Pentagon-sponsored recent meeting in Kuwait help much with its lapidary conclusion that the US strategy against ISIS is correct.

  • winniec

    Discriminatory Sharia law is the authority used by Islamic vigilante murderers.
    Discriminatory Sharia law deputizes ALL Muslims to commit vigilante murder if it helps Islam’s supremacism.

    • Isn’t it nice that our government imported its adherents enmasse?

      • Gary

        And how odd that they claim they are the peaceful ones fleeing all of THOSE bad ones over there in the middle east.
        What would be the odds for Canada that 1.8 billion muslims would only have the peaceful ones that want to come here and get jobs to pay taxes and take their kids to hockey practice .

        I often wonder why my Parents served in WW2 from 1939 -45 to keep out the fascists when we know see them coming in by plane to make Refugee claims and then try to spread that fascism around them while crying racism for anyone opposing them.

        The old canada is dead, we are now a Hotel or safe-house for terrorist and people that want to use Canada . Even the CBC
        bashes canada and defends the islamists as they were close to the hamas linked CAIR since 9/11/01 .
        Toronto will soon be like Detroit while Wynne turns Ontario in Mexico or some islamic hell-hole at the rate Regent Park is being take over by islamists.

  • Gary

    About 4 years ago I called it the SJS ( Sudden Jihad Syndrome) because the Imams and CAIR along with the media would report on a Jihadist and have family and friend say he was nice man, his help children and did puppet shows at the Hospital , he rescued dogs and was going to be a Doctor that would volunteer to work in Africa to help Orphans with AIDS and cancer.
    The suddenly he beheaded a co-worker and yeleld out praises of god in arabic. The other BS is how passive and kind he was and they can’t belief he went to work and killed 13 people after he handed out qurans.

    It had to a sudden Jihad syndrome where people snap because islam is a religion of peace and 99.9999999999999999999% of muslims reject violence.