E-mails show Wynne’s Minister of Child Pornography had government’s ear days prior to arrest

TORONTO – He had not been deputy minister of education since 2009, but internal e-mails show disgraced child pornographer Benjamin Levin had open channels into the halls of power just weeks before he was arrested.

Just 75 days prior to his arrest, and one day after addressing Ontario principals and superintendents, Levin suggested the ministry quickly bring out parts of a “positive educational agenda.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    The same police that investigated Wynne’s Minister of Child Pornography should investigate how much he influenced the sex education for children in Ontario schools.

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        • Justin St.Denis

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    • Justin St.Denis

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  • Martin Luffa

    Kill anyone that is found to be promulgating Ben Levin ideals.

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    • mauser 98

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    • Justin St.Denis

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