Copenhagen and the European jihad

Research has uncovered no single profile for European jihadis, quite the contrary. They may be idealists, indigents, privileged, drop-outs, university graduates, psychopathic, or completely sane; former drug addicts or straights, men or women. He or she may come from a ghetto or a wealthy suburb, be born Muslim or a convert; may have traveled to Syria or Pakistan or simply been inspired by social media. Most European Muslims emigrated from Sunni countries like Algeria, Pakistan, Morocco, and Turkey, and therefore Europe’s jihadis are mainly Sunni. If he is Sunni, Shias are number one on his hit list (and vice versa if Shia), followed by Jews, homosexuals, and Westerners, not to mention cartoonists who publish images of Mohammed.

What they hold in common is a synthesis of revivalism and anti-imperialism. That Islam needs to return to the days of Mohammed and his companions (Salafs) the “corruption” of their parents’ traditional Islam. They long have blamed the West for the perceived degeneracy of their culture and armed interventions in Muslim lands. And their anti-Semitism, while hardly new, has been intensified by events in Gaza and by growing echoes from other European quarters.

But there is something really new here.


  • ontario john

    Islam is not a bigoted religion. It hates everybody equally.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Again, there’s 1.1 to 1.4 million Jews across all of Europe depending on the survey. No more than half will emigrate no matter how bad things get. After we successfully resettle 550K – 700K people no one should care what happens to Europe. At all. Let it die. Let it burn. Let it turn Conan the Barbarian into a documentary. In the long run they run out of people to keep the lights on, the garbage picked up, the food delivered. They even run out guns and the money to buy them. And then the problem is solved.

    • This is a wrong attitude HLM: Europe is precious, it is not something to be thrown to the dogs.

      • Hard Little Machine

        King Canute could not command the tides to cease.

        • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Where there’s no will, there’s no way. In the late 1930’s Hitler seemed unstoppable – but some men (like Churchill) reacted to the tide in a strong-minded manner. Nothing is gained by acting indifferent.

          • Hard Little Machine

            It’s not indifferent so much as not our fight. The French president became very irate at Netanyahu for calling for emigration (BTW Chirac got just as mad at Sharon in 2004 for exactly the same statement), because what the Europeans don’t want to lose is their Jewish human shields. Once the Jews are gone and the violence doesn’t abate who will the Europeans blame it on? The Laplanders? Jews account for 0.8% of the population of Europe. Let’s say for the sake of argument every single Jew in Europe opens up their homes to every single psychotic terrorist and every single skin head and shows them it’s ok we understand them and have a cookie. Then what? The lamb lies down with the lion, 100% employment, solar power, free weed and hookers for everyone? I’m thinking that European leaders’ claims that everything can be accomplished off the backs of the Jews is not only racist and stupid, it’s not rational.

          • The Islamic menace is only due to the Europeans (and other Westerners) having pc, multi-kulti, defeatist, weak thoughts. The Moslems have no power – they are barbarians, ignorant, stupid, etc. Such menace they constitute comes from the power foolishly yielded to them by the Westerners. The Moslems are easily defeated if the thoughts inhibiting the Westerners change and they resolve to defeat them. So the problem is not enormous – just one of education.

          • Exile1981

            What is the likelihood of the far left parties taking control in the next Israeli election?

          • I pray they do not – or Israel is lost. Herzog, Livni et al. are utter imbeciles.

          • Hard Little Machine

            One could say that about China’s Cultural Revolution or Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge.

          • Sorry, I do not get what you mean. What’s the analogy?

          • Hard Little Machine

            Those who had less than robust revolutionary thoughts had to be ‘dealt with’ in China and Kampuchea as well. Being enlightened is worthless in a society where thinking is a capital crime.

          • Sorry, I still don’t get it. I’m trying.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Every tyrant tells his people to tell the masses means well, it’s for their own good and be patient and patriotic. Just because European well wishers assure their people that it’s all good, that everything is in hand and a bright shining future in our new city on the hill awaits them if they just keep their heads down doesn’t mean that will happen or that their leaders even mean it. We’re told all the time to shut up because
            the violent crazies who say they represent Islam don’t really….but what if that’s just boneheaded whistling past the graveyard. If only we had listened to our leaders before and not ruffled Nazi feathers things wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand? Because I can guarantee you that Muslim leaders and their enablers and hangers-on don’t actually care what you think about THEIR motivation.

          • I think the difference is that I do not see people like Valls, or even Hollande or Cameron or Merkel, as malicious. They are just a bit lost, a bit out of their depths, relative to the historical situation at hand (Moslems in Europe, growing population of them, the pc inhibitions against saying out loud what is going on, the unstated fear of riots, etc.) and they do not know how to respond. Similarly the populations they represent are at a loss. Because the problem at hand IS complex and difficult to resolve. Bloodshed on a large, massive scale, is very likely. But this is so in all difficult situations – and very often, people do find a response finally. Sometimes they don’t – but that’s not inevitable. People like you who care must not give up prematurely.

            Regarding the Jewish angle. As a Jew, I do not feel a vengeful desire to see Europe punished (by the Arabs/Moslems) for the Shoah or for its current treason against Israel. For all its faults, European/Western civilization has been good for the Jews, and these people are our best friends. The Arabs/Moslems are today the enemy – a crazy, bloodthirsty enemy. There’s no place for resentment – the survival of the West is essential to Israel’s. Imagine Israel in a context of Eurabia – how could it hope to survive? If the barbarians take over Europe, Israel would be in a bad situation, to put it mildly.

          • Hard Little Machine

            It’s not vengeance it’s common sense. If there was a black death across Europe no one would be pouting to make friends with the rats. No one would be screaming that the people fleeing the plague are refusing to understand the situation with compassion.

            I think longer run Europe is doomed and there’s nothing anyone will do about it. Given that, it’s wiser for Israel to look east for support and alliances such as they are. I think of little Israel more like a city state. If that means that ties with Europe have to break as entirely as they are broken with the Arab world and the Arab Eurabian world decides to devote every last Euro, every last erg of energy, every last last ambulatory human being they can find to exterminate the Jews, then that’s what they’re going to try to. And there’s not much to do about those intentions other than working to stave off that full 100% effort until they exhaust themselves. I fully expect after the election for Europe to break most if not all relations with Israel no matter what the outcome.

          • HLM – all I can say is repeat that the game is far from over. The Arabs/Moslems have not won Europe yet. The situation for Europe and the Jews was far worse with the Nazis, yet Europe found the will to overcome them at the last. There is a rabbinic saying to the effect that even when the blade of a sword is touching your neck you can and must continue to hope and pray. My point to you at the start was that if you are defeatist, if you consider the game over, then you cannot possibly win. Think abou that. Thanks for the conversation – I now sign off.

          • You’re right. In the Middle Ages the Europeans and the Muslims were at a similar level of technological development, which made the conquest easier. Today they are so primitive that they need to buy everything, even the weapons, from the people they want to fight. The Muslims can’t even run their own countries. All the power they have in Europe is given to them by the PC crowd. The masses are still sleeping because their prosperity hasn’t been affected so far, but the combined efforts of the Muslims and the lefties will eventually ruin the everyday lives of millions of Europeans. Then we will see something horrible. Of course, it would be better to solve the problem now, before a civil war erupts, but people tend to ignore problems until they deeply affect them. I doubt it if education would have a deep impact in this case.

          • I agree with what you say, BW. But I do not think the scenario is necessarily as abrupt as you suggest. Before a civil war erupts, there will likely be gradually increasing violence and retaliation. Educational efforts – like this blog and many similar ones – is essential to minimize damage and increase chances of quickly overcoming the Islamic threat.

      • The Euros are giving it to the dogs.

        • Yes, but that does not mean they don’t deserve help and support.

          • Exile1981

            To provide that support we need a safe base. I think HLM is partially right we need to save what we can from Europe and then let the dogs have it’s corpse. Yes Churchill did a wonderful job fighting back the Nazis but in the end his own people toss him aside as soon as the war was won for a politician who promised them free stuff. Within a generation they lost the will to succeed and grow.

            The only chance Europe has is internal. We can not come back to her rescue again it would at most be a short term solution and they will revile us for doing it. Look at the way Canadian and American soldiers are though of in France and Germany among the younger generations, they have forgotten their history and do not feel the joy their parents and grandparents felt at liberation.

            If we let europe sink into oblivion while we secure our own lands then when they have hit bottom we can help nurture a resurgence of europe because the survivors will want to prosper. As it stands now europe has no will to live and we as outsiders (ie non citizens) can not force it to live when it willingly keeps ingesting the poison of islam and multiculturalism.

            If europe wakes up and rejects the poison we can and should help them but it is not our job to force that solution on them.

          • I hear you, but I think Europe can still be saved from Islam before hitting rock bottom. Moreover, Europe is not some distant outpost, but the cradle of Western civilization – if it goes down the drain, the US, Canada, Australia are likely to follow suit. Judging from what I read even just in BCF their elites are not much different from those of Europe.

          • Hard Little Machine

            I’m not sure you can. After all, haven’t we heard from the very same people of the left that ‘nation building’ is impossible?

            I agree. It is. And this is not materially different from that. No one it seems has any stake in not standing aside and watching it burn, as long as they get their benefits and the lights stay on and the level of atrocities in the street isn’t unbearable from day to day.

            15 years ago mobs were torching synagogues in France and everyone stamped their feet and swore someone would do something. And they have. They decided that the best approach is to pretend it’s not happening and scream at Israelis who again suggest that French Jews should consider moving. The violence has progressed from arson to mass murder. Before the government stated this was intolerable and last month they said that was intolerable too. It’s all intolerable.

            I am heartened that they believe I believe they believe it’s intolerable. I guess we can go home and declare victory now. Because from where I look, European nations won’t confront violent Islam. They will haggle for the creation of Islamic Autonomous Regions IN Europe, where no civil law exists, only sharia. And they will do with the knowledge that with no more Jews to sacrifice at the problem and no urgent need to do anything else, they’ll simply negotiate the best terms of surrender. Just as the EU is telling Ukraine to negotiate with an invading army for how much of their sovereign territory they should give up, they will argue amongst themselves how much of London or Antwerp, Barcelona, Lombardy, Austria to hand over in the name of ‘good faith gestures.’

            And maybe they’re not wrong. Maybe a strategic withdrawal that leads to a slow disintegration of Europe versus something like the violent implosion of Yugoslavia on a continental scale is their best bet. They could even frame in the humanist secular values of free choice and tolerance. You can live in ‘Old’ England or you can experience the world of the future in Sharia Manchesterstan. You can stick with the Ancien Regime of Paris or you can make a bold choice in the Islamic People’s Republic of Franconian-ISIS.

            Are you telling me that the far left PLO and Daesh loving factions like Cherrie Blair or Baroness Warsi wouldn’t jump at the chance? Are you telling me that the mobs of violent thugs cruising the streets for Jewish heads to break wouldn’t move there day one? France or whatever would commit to delivering them electricity, water, sewer and other services for free just like Israel does for Gaza and Arab Yesha today. Except now they’d call that sort of thing a virtue. It’s only a war crime when Jews do it.

            And though natural growth – the IAR (Islamic Autonomous Regions) would press ever larger land ‘concessions’ on what they see is their illegally occupied land. Tell them no and rockets hit Notre Dame. Tell them yes and they ask for more and more.

            I think it can work for Europe and worth serious consideration. We don’t have to call it ‘giving up’, it’s merely conceding that European society, culture, civilization, politics and economy don’t have all the answers. And that’s what the far left has been agitating for all along. I say give it to them and see what happens? What the worst that can happen? Ukrainian Genocide? A war of atrocities on a scale not seen since the Treaty of Westphalia? A human engineered Black Death?

            You’ve come back from that, you can come back from this. It’s not all bad.

          • You’re right, that’s a very possible, even very likely scenario. But not inevitable; it might not evolve that way.

          • Exile1981

            Ours are no different than europes; the hope is that we have more time (not much) to escape the death spiral and seeing europe crash will motivate our people to make changes in government policies.

          • Yes, agreed. That’s why Europe needs defending first.

  • tom_billesley

    When it comes to profiling terrorists, I don’t realy need to go past “muslim”.

  • Blacksmith

    Gee if there was only some common thread we could follow as to why all these MUSLIMS are terrorist, I wonder what the common thread in these MUSLIMS could be?

    • Do you think it could be – Islamic theology?

      • Blacksmith

        Really you think that might be it? It may take another 2 by 4 between the to be able to see it.

  • Xavier


  • Xavier

    Pretend with me that the pro-recreational drug lobby gets their way and all ‘fun’ drugs become either legal or decriminalized. Some percentage of users will become threats to society by committing crimes, exhibiting dangerous behavior, and becoming unable to perform usually safe tasks like driving and operating machinery.

    Do we ignore these individuals because drugs are legal? Do we allow then to put our lives at risk so they can continue to enjoy the effects of their addictions? Of course not. There would be treatment centers and recovery programs for ‘at-risk individuals’ just as there are now. The government would take a proactive role in trying to identify and cure these individuals before their behavior became out of control. Since drug use was legal, it would be easy to identify users based on drug purchase records.

    Now replace ‘drugs’ with Islam. Yet the government will not even consider that Moslems are the ‘at risk’ group for extremism; they will not admit that mosques are the vectors of Islamic extremism, and they will not take a step to prevent the problem from growing.

    It’s as if our taxi drivers, airline pilots, and angry neighbors are bath salts users, and they are being protected by the government ‘because drugs are legal’ until they actually commit murder – and we, the targets waiting to be slaughtered, have no say.

  • The article linked-to is far from wise.

    • Sharkibark

      Totally agree. They lost me with this happy bullcrappy:

      “Our journalists and pundits need to recall that Islamic jihadis are not the first Holy Warriors. Let them try reading from the Book of Joshua or recalling the Christian conquest of Latin America, or, if memory will not serve that far back, North Ireland of the 20th century. If it does, they should explain that in Europe’s Dark Age, the Islam civilizations in Damascus, Baghdad, and Cordova literally preserved Western culture in the Europe’s Dark Ages and brought us mathematics and modern numbering from India.”

      • Yeah, that also struck me as inane.