Calgary Imam Wanted In US On Sex Assault Charges lied to gain refugee status & federal court was fine with that

The 46-year-old Somali national, who runs the Abu Bakr Mussallah place of worship in southeast Calgary, was charged after he spent time working as a respiratory therapist in 2006 in the Twin Cities suburb of Woodbury, Minn.

He has refugee protection status in Canada, but the federal government has tried to strip him of it after learning of the active warrant for his arrest south of the border.

…The Refugee Board of Canada decided to grant Hersy refugee protection status in 2008.

It came to a different decision five years later, after learning of the outstanding criminal charges against him. The board concluded he had misrepresented himself and withheld information about the charges.

He was stripped of his refugee status on May 24, 2013. Hersy successfully appealed the decision in Federal Court, which ordered another Refugee Board hearing. It will likely be held this year.

How the hell did a federal court decide it was a good idea to allow a sex offender to stay? What could possibly have been the basis for an appeal?

Of course he was involved in community outreach, the pic above is from a January 2015 event – Calgary police, Somali community working towards stronger ties

His Twitter feed is something to behold and yet the Calgary police department sucked up to this maniac. This tells you all you need to know about community outreach in Canada by our police and security services.  Of course Ottawa has now sicced CSIS on anti-jihad bloggers because we are of course “The real threat”.