Calgary Imam Wanted In US On Sex Assault Charges lied to gain refugee status & federal court was fine with that

The 46-year-old Somali national, who runs the Abu Bakr Mussallah place of worship in southeast Calgary, was charged after he spent time working as a respiratory therapist in 2006 in the Twin Cities suburb of Woodbury, Minn.

He has refugee protection status in Canada, but the federal government has tried to strip him of it after learning of the active warrant for his arrest south of the border.

…The Refugee Board of Canada decided to grant Hersy refugee protection status in 2008.

It came to a different decision five years later, after learning of the outstanding criminal charges against him. The board concluded he had misrepresented himself and withheld information about the charges.

He was stripped of his refugee status on May 24, 2013. Hersy successfully appealed the decision in Federal Court, which ordered another Refugee Board hearing. It will likely be held this year.

How the hell did a federal court decide it was a good idea to allow a sex offender to stay? What could possibly have been the basis for an appeal?

Of course he was involved in community outreach, the pic above is from a January 2015 event – Calgary police, Somali community working towards stronger ties

His Twitter feed is something to behold and yet the Calgary police department sucked up to this maniac. This tells you all you need to know about community outreach in Canada by our police and security services.  Of course Ottawa has now sicced CSIS on anti-jihad bloggers because we are of course “The real threat”.

  • Sharpestick

    Chief Rick Hansen sharing the stage w/ this maggot… and Rick’ll probably be a Tory MLA in Alberta soon. We need some answers.

    • The Calgary PD are a disgrace. I don’t think it’s incompetence, I believe its collusion.

      • David Murrell

        And according to this link, the universally-respected Imam Hersy has lobbied the Calgary Police Department for more-inclusive hiring policies, so that more Somalis can be police officers:

        We can only hope that the Calgary PD hired on Hersy as an affirmative-action advisor.

      • Gary

        These are the Cops that did squat about the Pro-hamas muslim mob of about 800+ where several broke off a rioted to beat up a women and her daughter for being Jewish.
        With a muslim population at just 800’000 , we already have Jihadi killing canadians on the Streets and we had the Toronto-18 terrorists that were born here and still wanted to use Truck-Bombs to slaughter thousands in Toronto because Chretien had our troops in Afghanistan killing their muslims brothers.

        What’s next when the population hit 3,000,000 one day and muslim ghettos are no-go Zone and more Public schools get Mosques in them to the point they become State-Funded Madrasas
        that breed jihadists.

        I’m still waiting for Bob Kinnear from the TTC to tell us what happened to the jew-hating POS TTC employee that was dancing at the Al- Quds rally and later did his rant to the media to wipe out israel and the jews.
        The Unions have Diversity quotas and they hire people with no background check or signs for bigotry and racism.
        How many other pro-jihad anti-canada weasels are at the TTC and would have no problem helping Omar Khadr plant bombs on the Subway Trains or in the tunnels to trap people and then set-off the backpack bombs in the trains .

        These are not Humans we are dealing with, and Justin will get lots of us killed if he keeps supporting islamists.

  • simus1

    Appointees to the federal court are usually former long term players from the political arena, laws and “justice” division. Perhaps that should gives us some comfort.

    • I am mystified as to a reason this clown was granted an appeal.

      • G

        Because judges live in their little legal dream world where everybody thinks exactly like them and there is no good or evil and if he kills or rapes somebody

        They think “Oh well. We can’t UN-DO his crime so we might as well ignore the victim and simply try to make sure this poor poor man doesn’t become a victim himself.”

        Besides, in the judges mind: “Who cares? Nobody I (!) know is in danger from this guy. As far as the little people go? F**k them. They’re worthless grubby peasants anyhow”.

  • The Goat

    His cultural diversity has enriched us.

    • And how.

    • WalterBannon

      and now it should enrich some other country

      Send him back, and fire the bureaucrats at the refugee/treason board

    • Gary

      What I find amazing is that we hear about the 99.999% of the World’s muslims as being peaceful and reject violence which begs the question for why , if there are 1,500,000,000 muslim outside of Canada, it is that canada seems to taken in a disproportionate number of islamists based on the odd.

      The Anti-ISIS rally in Toronto last year had 300,000+ potential protesters to draw from on a Saturday which seems to have no problem getting 2000+ Arabs/Muslims to protest Israel or support the Arab spring and Hamas.
      Yet , the media had a serious problem to report the Rally to make muslims look good because less than 15 Peaceful Muslims showed-up out of the 300,000+ in Toronto.
      The Anti-ISIS Rally in Calgary was worse because of the Pro-hamas rally and riot that did not look good for the Imams saying that islam means peace. The Calgary Anti-ISIS event drew about 150 people which included many non-muslims and had drawn out some yahoos because in the Photo used by the CBC I spotted a Conspiracy Nut with a sign that blames some secret group which we know is code for The Joooooooz .

      The original photo if 3x the k’s , but this smaller one has a Yellow circle on the sign I caught when I looked closely to see an Taqiyyah where they pretend to denounce things to the Media but it’s really a Dawah session for free air-time .

    • Mickey Oberman

      Yes. We are learning the cultures of pedofilia, rape, murder, stoning, beheading and other valuable necessities of Islamic life.

  • David Murrell

    The highly-respected imam belongs to the Muslims of Calgary. Here is their “press releases” page:

    and as one can see, the group is highly political, putting out press releases quoting the Toronto Star, the Huffington Post, etc. Last November, this group went ballistic when a YMCA “peace award” was revoked from some leftist-thingy, who promoted the Hamas point of view in the Gazan conflict. The Muslims of Calgary, in a press release, blamed the YMCA reversal on “pressured from Jewish groups”:

  • Gary

    The next step will be Muslim Rape-gangs in Calgary , and this pro-hamas Police chief -that ignored the pro-hamas muslim mob that had some riot and beat-up a women – will stay quiet as pedophile muslim males take over because he’s paid too much and is loyal to Muslims and islam to keep his job.

    • Exile1981

      Calgary already has a few no-go neighborhoods in the NE. I told thestory before so I won’t repeat myself but I knew a non-muslim couple that had to sell their house at a loss because the CPP refused to do anything about the vandalism by the muslim men on their street who took offense to the wife driving and not wearing the garbage bag.

      • They should have sued the government.

        • Exile1981

          They should have but would it have made a difference?

          • I think that the victims of terrorist action whose perpetrators can clearly be traced back to decisions made by those in charge of Immigration and or Refugee policy should be open to being sued by the victims and in fact should also face criminal charges.

            That would put the fear of God into them.

  • WalterBannon

    Fire everyone at the refugee board and shut them down.

  • P_F

    Our refugee & immigration board is a mockery of any government policy.
    It’s in place to undermine Canadian culture & values and replace the ‘indigenous Canadians’ -the people who made Canada, remember there was no ‘Canada’ before people from western Europe came in & settled this frozen land- with immigrants from lawless, uncivilized, no-good, third world countries. These people are being thrust upon us and we are forced to pay not only for their stay but in cases for their pleasure too.

    • No one I know voted for multiculturalism or the import of a cult that despises our very existence.

      • P_F

        Well, but they are here & our ‘Lords’ (the political class) have made sure they are going to stay here & rule over us.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Years ago, I read an article about the immigration/refugee boards. These government bodies are teeming with AA hires, most of whom are functionally illiterate. Denying an application requires a written report, whereas green lighting one only takes a verbal approval. No doubt the system was deliberately set up this way.

  • roccolore

    Muslims will fake sympathy.

  • Great job in exposing this Muslim piece of trash and his protectors.

  • Jan Morrissy

    We are going the way of the UK and no one but a small (VOCAL) bunch seems to be seeing this.
    It’s like swimming up river (a tired, yet apt, analogy) to get this heard by the MSM and public that Islam is inherently a colossal danger to any free society.
    And, yes, we know, we know… that 99.9% of muslims are good people … blabbitty blab… but the endless list of jihadist/islamic terrorist crimes shows this is irrelevant. We have a problem here and we have a limited amount of time to fix it.

  • Can’t we just deport this retarded Nazi sex fiend?

    Somalia, preferably; Minnesota, works too.

  • Francis Fortin

    please raise the taxes so we can finance deporting theses parasites.

  • FactsWillOut

    Just put a few disclaimers on this site, and let us have at ’em.

  • cmh

    “How the hell did a federal court decide it was a good idea to allow a sex offender to stay? What could possibly have been the basis for an appeal”? The answer is simple and has nothing to do with the crime…. it is because federal and provincial judges are not only NOT ELECTED by the citizenship, they also have legislated protections against accountability which lay in the interpretations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.. the Charter must go…. it is antithetical to a democracy in the same way as the Koran. No freedom, one party line.

  • Blake

    some helpful pictures

  • david selvers

    Blame the fundamentals of political correctness. The left (useless idiots) has all but surrendered…..but they’re trying. Such are the rewards of multiculturalism as clearly laid out in “Active Measures”. I say shut down the mosques and begin deportation of those who wish to propagate the ideology of islam in Canada. FYI…..a mosque is symbolic of conquest and “sacred deception ” is a common practice blessed by the prophet.
    What is it going to take before the West wakes up…..SHARIA LAW???

  • Mickey Oberman

    How many Muslims are members of the Calgary police force?
    Have the bank accounts of those who direct this force and those officers who failed to do their duty been examined lately?