Brian Lilley with Jason Kenney – Defeating Muslim Terrorism’s “Arc of Violence”

Jason Kenney: Defeating Muslim Terrorism’s “Arc of Violence”

  • Gary

    Jason got played for a sucker by the Ahmedi’s because they have their Peace Village in Vaughan that is a gated muslim-only housing project . They got a permit for their mosque so it was close to every home, but the Ahmadi’s still demanded the Public school give them the gym on Friday for a Mosque because they now dominated the PUBLIC school .
    The original Sign at the Entrance to the Village had a quruanic verse in arabic that asked allah for a victory over canada to claim it for islam and the caliphate.
    We are setting up Canada for the Civil wars when each islamic sect gets large enough to want to be the dominating sect and start attacking each other as apostates .
    The saudi funded sunni mosques are to counter the shiite mosques funded by iran . They both want us killed or converted in the end and it was Imam Steve Rockwell that did admit on the radio that muslims will take over Canada one day to bring in Sharia as a caliphate because they are out breeding all other groups.
    Islamsist are already attacking canadians in public and tried to use truck bombs in Toronto to slaughter thousands .

    • Ho Hum

      Well said! Jason Kenney is one of the biggest Dhimmi’s in Canada – this 46 year old self proclaimed virgin – a “confirmed bachelor” – has been licking the Muslim ass in Canada for years – probably both figuratively AND LITERALLY! (in the case of male Muslims)

      During his tenure as Immigration minister Kenney let in 100,000’s of Muslim “refugees” . In the last 10 years the Muslim population in Canada has DOUBLED thanks to this effeminate social misfit! And now he is the minister of defense? What a JOKE this country is!

      • Justin

        “distortion of a religion”?
        Give me a break minister! This is not a “distortion of a religion” this
        is real islamic ideology at work. This is pure islam.

        • occupant 9

          When I heard Kenny say that it was clear he still doesn’t get it and might never get it. That Muslims are the “main” victim is irrelevant. Muslims are carriers of Islam and as kafirs, we have OUR OWN SIDE to consider and it’s beyond time, far beyond, that we start doing so.

          We owe the Muslim world nothing and Muslims think nothing of us as non-Muslims … and we should take that under strict advisement.

      • DMB

        A 46 year old self proclaimed virgin – a “confirmed bachelor” must mean he is a closet homosexual.

      • Gary

        I remember when the pro-Iran shia’s muslims were breaking the soil at the site for a future mosque and the Liberal MP was expected to be their for a speech and photo-op pre-election.
        Boy was I shocked when the Liberal Chretien bowed to the Shia’s muslims and sent Shelia Copps to the event because the muslims didn’t want the liberal JEW MP for their federal seat to be there where a mosque was going to go up.
        They all; seem to be selling out Canada , Toronto and Ontario have become sanctuary lands because the Public sector employees have agreed to commit Treason with Wynne and Tory to steal tax dollars from the CRA and give Tourists FREE health care and Welfare when they refuse to leave and become illegals.
        I’d like to see the Statute that gives the Premier or Mayor the right to take Federal Tax dollars and give the money to foreigners that are in Canada illegally and not entitled to Social Services as Tourist are not entitle to either but Ontario gives the Heath care and welfare.

  • David Murrell

    I realize this BCF site has its share of Jason Kenney detractors, but at least he is ne of a rare breed of Conservative politicians who at least has the mental and moral ability to throw his shoulders back, and to do an interview, explaining what he does, and what he believes. I used to belong to the Conservative party, for the longest time since my Reform days. But I left, given that too few Conservatives bother to explain themselves to the Canadian public.

    Notice too that Kenney did an interview with the new Rebel media, taking this upstart conservative company seriously. How many politicians will do this?

    • Ho Hum

      Brian Lilley has long been a fan of Jason Kenney (I can’t imagine why) so it was a very safe interview.