Back to the 7th century: Turkey’s top scientific body has no digital analysts left after ‘purge’

Turkey’s top scientific body has rejected a local court’s request for evidence analysis, citing a lack of qualified specialists.

The negative response from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK)’s Informatics and Information Security Advanced Technologies Research Center (BİLGEM) was filed to the 4th Heavy Penal Court in the southern province of Gaziantep on March 6, daily Hürriyet has learned.

In its request to BİLGEM, the court had originally requested analysis of four hard disks seized during an operation against an illegal organization in the southern province of Adana in February.

“Regretfully, we are not able to respond to your request positively due to the intense changes over the past six months in our staff who can conduct a digital analysis, which led our institution to have a lack of experts for your request,” BİLGEM President Prof. Dr. A. Arif Ergin told the court in a written statement…

Mohammed never had “digital analysts.” Heck, even the Ottomans didn’t have any such thing. So they are dispensable in Erdogan’s Turkey.

  • Exile1981

    The ones that remain can look up in the koran how to extract data from a hard drive. I’m sure it must be there somewhere -sarc

  • Hard Little Machine

    There is objective truth or fact in Islam but that which is delivered in the Quran from Allah to his prophet Mohammed. Period.

  • andycanuck

    So there is no C.S.I. Istanbul?

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  • tom_billesley

    They could always ask Israel to help out :}

  • winniec

    Backwardness…celebrating and wallowing in the misogynistic, vicious Bronze Age warrior cult of a 7th century Arabian pedophile.
    Happy non-Women’s Day all you Moz-slavegirls! Same as every other day in jail.

  • marty_p

    Allah created the world.
    There is no reason for any innovation or technical or medical or scientific discovery as Allah is perfect and anything worth creating would have been created when Allah created the world.
    As such, Allah gave mankind all that mankind needed when he created the world.
    So no need for scientists or computer experts. (If it ain’t in the Holy Quran it’s not anything that man would require).
    The shape shifting sons of monkeys and pigs who are creating devices and discoveries are the agents of Shaitan.
    There you have it – Islam 101

    The only exemption to the rules above is the Kalashnikov as it is a wonderful tool for carrying out Allah’s will.