‘Warnings:’ A New Video Series

George Igler, Director of the Discourse Institute in London, is one of the most important voices about the Muslim radicalization crisis in Britain. Please share this link and, in that small way, help break the dangerous censorship by big media.

In this interview excerpt from the days after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, Igler said:

  • Radical Muslims are de facto colonists,
  • The British government’s answer to terrorism has simply been to take everyone’s rights away,
  • European leaders should be held accountable for fostering homegrown Muslim terrorism,
  • Laws against hate speech increase hate speech. So called “social cohesion” cannot be legislated successfully,
  • Another terror attack in Britain or on the continent of Europe is “likely” this year.

As they say, “You’ve been warned.”

  • Brett_McS

    I was just watching this and thought to myself “this guy is brilliant; I’ll have to send it on to BCF”.

  • Alain

    What he states applies equally to Canada and just about every Western country.

  • Ho Hum

    Brilliant commentary and I agree – as others have noted – Igler’s comments apply equally to Canada. What has been the response by the Harper government to a growing threat that THEY helped to create with their massive wave of Muslim immigration? They are responding the same way as the British. Pass more laws to criminalize speech. Pass more laws to allow unlimited spying on law abiding citizens. Turn Canada into a total police state in the name of “fighting extremism”. They include in the definition of “extremist” all those awful “Islamophobes” who say “hateful” things about Islam and hurt the feelings of Muslims.

    Unfortunately most people are not awake to what is happening. I am sure most of Harper’s supporters think that he is doing a great job “cracking down on terrorists” with his proposed Bill C51.