Star Hits New Low: Allows resident Islamist to lie about Muslim Brotherhood

Haroon Siddiqui grows more hysterical by the day. His latest screed, like all virtually all his others seeks to deflect attention from the truth about Islam.

In his latest rant Haroon and the Star expect us swallow the whopper that Jamal Badawi:

A) Has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood

B) The Muslim Brotherhood has no presence in North America.

You may read Haroon’s entire steaming pile here. The relevant excerpt follows:

“Another person Lebuis mentioned is Jamal Badawi, former professor at the Sobey School of Business, St. Mary’s University in Halifax, who is also a prolific author on Islam.

Lebuis said Badawi “started” or “is behind” several Muslim organizations that are part of “the network of the Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure in North America,” and that he has urged Muslims “to become judges and officials” in order to “take advantage of their position of influence to stop applying current national legal provisions that are incompatible with sharia law.”

Badawi told me:

“Muslim Brotherhood is not a registered entity in Canada or the USA, nor does it have any branch in North America.”


Note the peculiarly careful use of language in Badawi’s response: “Muslim Brotherhood is not a registered entity in Canada or the USA, nor does it have any branch in North America.”

Well no Mr. Badawi I doubt the Muslim Brotherhood is as stupid as you obviously expect Haroon Siddiqui and the Star to be. They may buy into your obfuscation, we don’t. It’s unlikely the MB would be working out of storefront as an officially registered entity with a large neon sign reading “Muslim Brotherhood”. They do however operate numerous front groups of which you have been a key member.

The documentation of Jamal Badawi’s involvement in Muslim Brotherhood front groups is easily accessed by a simple Google search

You can start with this one article, Jamal Badawi: Enduring Link to ISNA’s Radical Past, and work your way through the approximately 21,000 hits for Jamal Badawi Muslim Brotherhood on Google.

The Star really ought to be ashamed of itself, but I doubt they have such capacity.

h/t OntarioJohn

  • David Murrell

    “…Haroon’s entire steaming pile…”.

    Great turn of a phrase, the above! Best description of Haroon Siddiqui’s writing to date.

  • WalterBannon

    The Treason Star is a pile of shit

  • cmh

    After implementation of Halal and separation of men and women in our public institutions comes the foot baths……

    • I understand they are here in public and private institutions.

  • kkruger71

    You know, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I really am noticing “the left” doing things in lockstep more often these days than in years past. Right now it seems they are all engaging in obfuscation, the biggest culprits being the provincial Liberal party, but they all seem to be using this line of defense a lot lately. Last year I noticed a huge upswing, all at the same time, of any debaters trying to waste peoples time asking for links to details that even when pointed out did nothing to sway the person.
    As I wrote, I’m not huge on conspiracy theories, but is there some secret handbook that they keep getting periodic updates from, telling them the latest tactic they are supposed to be using?