Paris Cardinal Chides Prime Minister for ‘Utopian’ Plan to Secularize ‘Islamic Fascism’

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has announced his intention to fight “Islamic fascism” and prevent massacres similar to the Charlie Hebdo affair through a massive injection of Islamic studies into French universities, a project that the Archbishop of Paris says is doomed to fail.

Valls says it is necessary to establish a kind of home-grown Islam in France that respects “the principles of laïcité.” We must “mobilize society around secularism,” he said.

France has had more experience than most in trying to integrate an ever increasing Muslim population into a Judeo-Christian culture. Unfortunately, its fallback method for doing this is the stale Enlightenment program of banishing all religion to the private sphere in an attempt to create a faith-free public square where radical secularism can effectively function as the unofficial state religion.

Valls has proposed that in the fight against “Islamic fascism,” national unity is key. “We need a break in the leadership of French Islam. And all the imams should be trained in France,” he said, adding that the Ministers of Interior and Education are already working on the issue…