Hey, ISIS drives little white pickup trucks too!

LMartinpic1[1]Lockheed Martin just demonstrated a new fiber optic laser that can burn through a truck from over a mile away. The chose a white truck for the demo. Maybe that’s just a coincidence that ISIS seems to like white trucks too.

Although not mentioned in the article, I am told that this thing is now capable of killing individual man-sized jihadist, from a few miles out, or up, at an eventual projected cost of less than a .50 caliber bullet. It can even set a jihadi on fire (maybe even through a window I’m told), causing him to burst into flames, with his transcendence into a high-energy paradise following a few seconds later.

It’s still in testing phase, and not yet small enough to put on a drone, but that is coming.

When there are fragmentary reports coming in from ISIS occupied areas of Jihadists spontaneously combusting, you will know this thing has gone operational.