Gallia Watch on French Minister of Christiane Taubira: “A torrent of insults”

Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, notorious for her law on “marriage for everyone”, her permissive policies on crime, her determination to keep the prisons empty simply by releasing criminals or by not imprisoning them to begin with, and her law dating back to 2007 that designated the Atlantic slave trade (but not the Muslim slave trade) a crime against humanity, has once again made headlines.

This time she lost her temper (some say her marbles) after the young UMP mayor of the northern city of Tourcoing, Gérald Darmanin, made a critical comment suggesting that the prima donna of Justice was helping the cause of the Front National. Had he compared her to a baby monkey, a water buffalo, or a boa constrictor, he could not have triggered a more envenomed reaction. The incident is described by Floris de Bonneville, writing at Boulevard Voltaire:

Never in my life as a journalist have I heard the courtyard of Elysée Palace resound with such a torrent of insults as was the case last Wednesday following the meeting of the Council of ministers when Christian Taubira, questioned about Gérald Darmanin’s remark, did not beat around the bush.

The young mayor of Tourcoing having called her a “walking tract for the FN”, the minister of justice responded with a torrent of filth. Not even taking time to catch her breath she declared: “When a person is politically, culturally lacking and impoverished to this degree; when a person is, to this degree, indifferent to the considerable damage he inflicts with words that are insults, words that are, above all, the very garbage of human thought, I expect nothing from him”…

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