Convert: ISIS wicked, barbaric – and antithesis of Islam

Wicked. Barbaric. Corrupt.

Those are some of the words John Ederer uses to describe ISIS.

I can imagine most of you shaking your heads in agreement.

But I’m afraid some of you will be put off by this next bit of information: Ederer, 36, is an imam, or Muslim community leader, who also says that ISIS is a heretical cult that is “completely distorting Islam.”

I’m hoping you’ll give Ederer a listen, especially if you’re among non-Muslims who still believe that not enough Muslims are speaking out against terrorists who claim to be acting in the name of Islam.

Ederer, an Oklahoma native who grew up Catholic and converted to Islam at 18, will speak this Saturday night in Concord at a forum called “Should We Fear Islam?”…

…Ederer can be a harsh critic of the Israeli government – he is respectful of Judaism, but not of modern Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

But his denunciations of ISIS are as tough as any I’ve heard: “very barbaric, inhumane, ignorant, sinister – and the complete antithesis of Islam.”

Ederer says he and other Muslims mourn for the many non-Muslims killed by ISIS – including 21 Coptic Christians who were recently beheaded. But he adds that “Muslims are also very frustrated with this cult because their main victims are Muslims.”

What a total jerk. He does not even have the excuse of being an Ahmadi. Just another twit who “found Islam” and is not telling us how wonderful it is. These converts bother me almost as much as ISIS itself.

  • Dana Garcia

    My guess is many converts start out investigating Islam because they can’t imagine it could be as awful as it appears. Liberalism dictates that all beliefs and tribes are of equal worth, despite copious evidence to the contrary. Therefore the libs glom on to the friendly early parts of the koran and ignore abrogation.

    In other words, Dumbass.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Me no buy. Taqiyya by any other name stinks just as much.

  • “Completely distorting Islam”? How?

  • WalterBannon

    Ederer is a useful idiot.

    If we learned anything from what allowing our Marxist useful idiots free range has resulted in, it is that we should put them all in prison for treason.

    Converting to Islam should be made a capital crime.

  • Blacksmith

    Apparently he has not read his shitpaper book, I would think an imam would HAVE to read it and know what is in it,

  • Xavier

    Any doubt what he’ll say when extremists ask him, “Do you believe in jihad? Are you on our side?”

    At best, he’s not fully radicalized yet. At worst, he’s an agent of Islam telling Americans that Moslems are not a threat.

    • Frau Katze

      It’s hard to say what camp he’s in: lying or stupid.

      • Xavier

        Both, probably – and compliant victim of Islam.

  • pdxnag

    This confused thug — apparently confused thug — needs to choose between elementary Islam or apostasy from Islam because of its inherent horrors.

  • luna

    This guy’s a ticking time bomb.

    There is another American Imam who disapproved of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and now faces death threats from ISIS. Interestingly in his talk which earned him the death threats, he explains that in Islam beliefs are more important than people, even more important then oneself.

  • granny47

    He must not have read the Mohammed’s writings or he is practicing taqiya.

  • luna

    Stupid and/or dishonest.

  • winniec

    Ederer can’t bring himself to admit he made a big mistake by joining this Death Cult. He can’t believe Islam is a horrible as it truly is. It started as incoherent, demonic channeling combined with toxic, political Arab supremacism and manifest destiny theories. Islam is a nightmare concocted by Caliph Abd al Malik and his sociopathic lieutenant Hajjaj. There was no ‘Islam’ before Abd al Malik.
    Ederer hasn’t the courage and decency to admit that Islam has no historicity.

  • Paulla

    The moderate muslims get their doctrine from the Koran and the life of Muhammed. The violent muslims get their doctrine from the Koran and the life of Muhammed. The Koran contains the very words of Allah which must be obeyed. Allah says that Muhammed must be obeyed in all things. How can moderate muslims say the violent muslims are wrong when they both get their instructions from the same books? And — what about the Doctrine of Abrogation which says that later teachings of Allah abrogate early teachings of Allah and the later teachings contain the exhortations to violence? The violent teachings must be the last word from Allah on what he wanted muslims to do.