Convert: ISIS wicked, barbaric – and antithesis of Islam

Wicked. Barbaric. Corrupt.

Those are some of the words John Ederer uses to describe ISIS.

I can imagine most of you shaking your heads in agreement.

But I’m afraid some of you will be put off by this next bit of information: Ederer, 36, is an imam, or Muslim community leader, who also says that ISIS is a heretical cult that is “completely distorting Islam.”

I’m hoping you’ll give Ederer a listen, especially if you’re among non-Muslims who still believe that not enough Muslims are speaking out against terrorists who claim to be acting in the name of Islam.

Ederer, an Oklahoma native who grew up Catholic and converted to Islam at 18, will speak this Saturday night in Concord at a forum called “Should We Fear Islam?”…

…Ederer can be a harsh critic of the Israeli government – he is respectful of Judaism, but not of modern Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

But his denunciations of ISIS are as tough as any I’ve heard: “very barbaric, inhumane, ignorant, sinister – and the complete antithesis of Islam.”

Ederer says he and other Muslims mourn for the many non-Muslims killed by ISIS – including 21 Coptic Christians who were recently beheaded. But he adds that “Muslims are also very frustrated with this cult because their main victims are Muslims.”

What a total jerk. He does not even have the excuse of being an Ahmadi. Just another twit who “found Islam” and is not telling us how wonderful it is. These converts bother me almost as much as ISIS itself.