‘Confirmed’ That 116 Former Gitmo Detainees Returned to Terror or Insurgencies; If More Are Released More Will

(CNSNews.com) – The Director of National Intelligence released a report this week indicating that the United States has “confirmed” that 116 detainees “transferred” out of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, subsequently reengaged in terrorist or insurgent activities.

The report also warned: “Based on trends identified during the past eleven years, we assess that some detainees currently at GTMO will seek to reengage in terrorist or insurgent activities after they are transferred.”

  • Clapper is a Muslim. Anything he says or does should be questioned. He clearly acts out in favor of Islam.

    • He’s clearly an idiot, he once declared the Muslim Brotherhood a secular organization.

      • Justin St.Denis

        He’s no idiot. He’s a muslim and a politician. Taqiyya is his specialty.

  • Just a thought
  • occupant 9

    You can take the boy out of the jihad but not the jihad out of the boy.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    That’s why the best policy is to take no prisoners.

    • Just a thought

      Where they are concerned, most definitely!

    • WalterBannon

      remember that during the civil war when you are knocking on Obama and Hillary’s doors…

  • Miss Trixie


    Well, duh!
    ~ Captain Obvious

  • BillyHW

    Barack Obama and Colin Powell need to be hung from trees for treason.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I predicted that none of the released Guantanamo detainees would turn up on the roster of the Joffrey Ballet, didn’t I?

  • Hard Little Machine

    How many got jobs with the Obama administration?