Concordia Muslim Students’ Association says exposing truth about their radical Islamist library is an unfair portrayal

Concordia Muslim Students’ Association, a Muslim Brotherhood Front Group, removes controversial books

The Concordia University Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) has removed some controversial writings from its book collection after a meeting with the administration of the school.

It also decided to conduct an audit of the whole collection to determine whether there were other items that should be removed.

Earlier this week, French-language network TVA reported that the student organization had books by Muslim authors with radical and controversial views.

Ibrahim Abou Arab, vice-president external for the association, told CBC’s Daybreak his organization was unfairly portrayed in the report.

“Unfairly Portrayed” means they told the truth.


  • tom_billesley

    I guess they’ll keep books that don’t contain what they consider to be radical and controversial views, like the instruction manual on how to beat your wife in the islamically correct way.

  • ntt1

    This will be the case in every reference library across Canada once again Quebec is breaking trail and all other provinces would be wise to quickly follow their lead. Ignore the pious bleating of progressive university wonks, they too, are part of the problem.
    this is not book burning, it is the removal of muslim hate literature. And there seems to be a lot of it on campuses.

    • The MSA is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Eventually, it will have to come around to the Koran itself and an admission that it fills all the criteria.

  • Blacksmith

    Of course it is unfair, you can’t expect members of the death cult to act civilized and be treated the same as the rest of society, they are clearly subhuman in their mentality.

  • All religious writings should be put under the microscope. All passages that incite violence should be identified, removed, and banned. Anyone identified as teaching these violent passages should be jailed for incitement.

    This should be applied among all religions (for qualities sake.)

  • Barrington Minge

    Another fat-boy mooslim spouting trash

  • Gary

    I’ve pointed out many times that the CBC gave plenty of Air-Time to the hamas linked CAIR-Canada since 9/11/01 where we saw Dr.Sheema Khan play the the CBC for suckers as she spewed fabricated hate-crimes and push the bogus islamophobia.
    CAIR was behind the $400 million extortion scam for Maher Arar when he sued us Taxpayers for his alleged torture in his homeland of Syria in the 2005 Lawsuit when the CBC News Archives still had his 2003 Press Release where he said he was tortured in Jordan .
    It was no secret after Arar was paid-off to go away and got $10.2 million that CAIR post their Sponsored “Victory Dinner” for the Arar’s extortion scam and that they gave CAIR a Kick-back Donation along with a Kick-back to the U of Ottawa law Dept. that supplied witnesses for the Inquiry that detailed what Torture was . The head of that Law Dept. was the same Muslim that alleged War Crimes by our Troops in Afghan.

    Sheema khan and CAIR have had their finger prints all over these cases and the 2005 crusades for Sharia Law in Ontario . CAIR Canada did adm,it that they had out a small flyer to let muslim know that the have the Right to not help the RCMP or CSIS when they come calling to get info on a suspect fellow muslim linked to terrorism.

    All these years we’ve had Taliban Jack and the Liberals call people racists and islamophobes when they expose the Muslim Brotherhood ties to these groups or the radical Imams grooming jihadists in Canadian mosques.

    I never thought I would get to this point….but if I ever see the day that Libby Davies, Olivia Chow, Barbara Hall, CUPE members, SCOC Judges or Justin Trudeau having their heads sawed off with a dull knife by hooded thugs praising allah in Arabic ….. I won’t have any compassion left to give a damn for these traitors that mocked those that rang the alarm bells since 9/11 but were hauled before Human Rights Commissions or smeared as racists.
    I no longer rescue people that volunteer to be victims .

    • Justin St.Denis

      That last part almost had images of dancing sugarplum fairies flitting through my mind.

    • cmh

      Thank you for the post. Excellent info on the Arar affair. Sadly we will likely see the Fahmy and the Khadr affairs turn out the same.

  • Xavier

    As Pamela says, “The truth is hate speech.”

  • cmh

    What they should remove is the filthy Koran. All Islamic hate flows from the Koran and its accompanying literature. The Koran should be banned in Canada as it meets the requirements of hate literature. I call upon the Federal Government to please take the steps to ban the Koran and accompanying literature.

  • ArentIpretty

    The MSA needs to be removed from all campuses and our countries.

  • mptc1956

    Is there a link to this CBC Daybreak interview?