Bus Burnings… It’s a thing in France

Another burned bus!

A new bus was set on fire in the night from Saturday to Sunday, about 1 am 30. This time, it’s Colmar the loss occurred. Châtenois Colmar and firefighters were initially moved to a car fire and a few minutes later, they had to step on the burning bus. This is the 17th bus hit by this black series Central Alsace in a little over a year.

  • Gary

    Where’s Obama and Gore about all that co2 and toxins going into the air, plus the Carbon footprint to build a new bus or cars to replace the ones muslims are torching.

  • BillyHW

    How culturally enriching!

  • roccolore

    Let me guess: “Disenfranchised youth” (code for Muslim welfare moochers)

  • Millie_Woods

    It’s the new sport for immigrant youth, ‘Torch de France’.