Ben Levin case shines light on name-callers

Once upon a time, crimes such as child pornography were reviled.

Back in the day, child pornography was a heinous crime. We labelled people who lusted after sex with children, “kiddy diddlers” and they were social outcasts. Apparently, that’s hopelessly out of date.

Now we worry about them and their families.

Now kiddy diddling is “inter generational sex” and in some quarters it’s not just defended — it’s celebrated.

Wynne finally put out a statement distancing herself from Levin on Wednesday.

“I was shocked to hear about these charges through the news on Monday. Insidious crimes like these are absolutely terrifying. The safety and well-being of our children have always been my absolute priority and at no time did I have any suspicion of criminal behaviour. I am confident that the police and judicial system will address these serious allegations,” Wynne said in a statement.

  • Gary

    The pro-jihad islamists in Canada have learned from the Homofascists to take a Prefix and add it to Phobe .

  • occupant 9

    “The safety and well-being of our children have always been my absolute priority” which is why we had Ben Levin create a grooming curriculum.

    • LauraS

      Love the use of the word “our” in that statement.

      No, Premier Wynn, the children of Ontario are not YOUR children. You and your sick, perverted friends–the ones who, like Ben Levin, are infesting the education system–are NOT co-parents of OUR children.

  • cmh

    Wynn herself is a sexual deviate of convenience.

    • WalterBannon

      she managed to turn her own son gay, now she wants to do the same to everyone else’s children

  • Xavier

    British government plans lessons to teach children 11 and older about sexual consent so they might ‘make informed choices and stay safe’
    – @bbcnews_ticker

  • Exile1981

    She just heard last monday – I call BS!!! She knew before the last election and had the media hide it till afterwards.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The picture of Levin, Wynne, Trudeau and Rae is going to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Grover the Polar Bear

    Funny government we have in Ontario where if you’re against old men raping little girls, you’re a “homophobe.” Did anyone else notice the little dig at born-again liberal Michael Coren in the Sun article re: “now we worry about them and their families.”

    • SMC_BC

      I didn’t know anyone still reads Coren.

      • Clausewitz

        I gave up on Coren about six months ago. Somewhere somebody has photos of Coren doing something very wrong. It’s like he can’t spin fast enough for the left these days. Sad.

  • DMB

    Benjamin Levin in his own words:

    Honoured to be part of transition team for new Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne; plenty of work ahead!— Ben Levin (@BenLevinOISE) January 30, 2013

    • Grover the Polar Bear

      And he meant it!

      • Clausewitz

        The man who wants to “rear” your children.