Anarchists storm Greek ruling party HQ

Anarchists occupied Greece’s ruling party headquarters on March 8 in support of hunger strikers protesting against conditions in the country’s maximum-security jails.

A group of 50 anarchists burst into the offices of the radical left-wing Syriza party in downtown Athens on Sunday, forcing staff to leave the building, party officials said.

“I was inside my office giving my first official interview to a radio station,” the party’s new spokeswoman Rania Svigou told AFP. “I had locked the door so I wouldn’t be disturbed. Then I heard banging and shouting.” she said.

“I finished the interview and went out to see what was happening and they told us to get out,” she added.

Svigou said party workers did not call the police. Syriza has often criticised heavy-handed policing of anti-austerity protests in the past.

The anarchists hung banners from the building’s balconies calling for the abolition of the controversial C-type jails, where the country’s most notorious criminals and terrorists are held…

  • simus1

    Sounds like Greek Anarchists have their usual keen insight into what is really important to get done as the country’s rotten political structure slowly collapses around the idiot voters who preferred listening to charlatans instead of confronting hard reality.

  • Martin Luffa

    Anarchists are really just Socialist shock troops.

    I don’t believe for a second that there isn’t collaboration between them

    • Frau Katze

      Of course there is.

  • Surele Surele

    And here I was, thinking it was Syriza, that was the party of anarchists. How naive one can be, no?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    How does it feel, Syriza?