An Islamic Army offers to exchange some female detainees for a military commander

SOHR [Syrian Observatory of Human Rights] received a copy of a footage shows a journalist in an Islamic front with 4 old women and a girl.

The journalist said that they were brought them from other factions in order to swap them with a commander of a group in an Islamic faction who was arrested by the pro-regime militiamen in the towns of Nobbol and al- Zahraa, where the journalist said that the regime forces had arrested some fighters of the rebel and Islamic battalions and that they have tried to communicate through negotiations to exchange bodies and detainees between the regime forces and the rebel and Islamic factions.

“We have some sisters who are not detainees or Sabaya (women as spoils of war) but they are honorable guests bringing them to swap them for an brother in the factions”, the journalist added.

“We offered this request to whom it may concern from the pro-regime forces in Nobbol and al-Zahraa but they refused it, noting that those sisters existed with us, and that we offered the request through negotiators more than one time but they refused to exchange them for one person who is “Yousef Zaw’ah”, the journalist continued…

Trading women? We really are going back to the 7th century.

  • john700

    Correct me if I am wrong, but men and women were traded as slaves in the US around 1860.

    • Blacksmith

      And your point is what?

      • john700

        7th century was mentioned.

        • Blacksmith

          So you are equating Isis Islamic slave trade going on currently with slavery in the 1860 America?
          Okay, then how about islamic slave trade that has been pretty much continous since the 7th century, female genital mutilation, Islamic conquest of the Middle East, Far East, Europe. The list goes on and on.

    • Frau Katze

      1860. Over 150 years ago. ISIS is doing this now.

      • john700

        If we put a sign now in Africa (Congo, Liberia, etc), saying that slaves are wanted in the US and transatlantic transportation, food and accommodation will be provided, there will be line-ups.

  • Blacksmith

    Sure make the trade, just send him back via a wood chipper.