Winds of Jihad: Dozy Bint of the Month

Jessey Eagan, a married Christian mother of two, has decided to wear a hijab for Lent in an attempt to remind herself “what it feels like to be an outsider”

It did not, it seems, occur to this woman to seek out the nearest Coptic Christian church and ask them to tattoo a Coptic Cross on her wrist, in order to show solidarity, not only during Lent but for the rest of her life, with one of the most persecuted – historically and in the present – branches of the Church Universal.

Nor, it appears, did it occur to her to consider donning a Star of David, or a “Long Live Israel” T-shirt, and wearing that for forty days, everywhere she went, even when among the “Muslim friends” of whom she speaks so fondly…No, it is the Muslims, always the Muslims, for whom females like this are most tenderly solicitous…