The Ballad of Jihadi John

You might be surprised to know, but the Mohammed that I knew was extremely kind. Extremely gentle. Extremely soft-spoken. [He] was the most humble young person that I knew. We’re gonna release all the emails . . . and what you’ll see when you read those emails is somebody who, despite going through great difficulties in his personal life, he belittled that difficulty.

These were the now-notorious words Asim Qureshi, research director for the Islamist pressure group CAGE, used to describe Mohammed Emwazi, a British Islamic State fighter wanted for his part in the beheading of at least 5 hostages. They were offered at a catastrophic press conference called by CAGE in the wake of the Washington Post’s unmasking of Emwazi as the IS executioner hitherto known as ‘Jihadi John’. CAGE, the Post revealed, had been in contact with Emwazi before he left for Syria.

  • John

    Jacobin certainly has a very good article. If Qureshi isn’t a British citizen, then why don’t they boot him out. The man is a first rate dirtbag and his presence in the UK can’t in any way contribute to society.

    • Exile1981

      booting him would cause the libs to scream and the muslims to riot. Hence it is fear that keeps the gov’t from tossing his ass out of the country.

    • He should be booted.

  • Guest

    Asim Qureshi’s mask has fallen off. He’s a jihad enabler.

    • Couper

      “Asim Qureshi’s mask has fallen off” for all the world to see the nice zabibah on his forehead – clear evidence of his devotion to islam.

      • He is an Islamist bastard and should be deported.

  • winniec

    Asim Qureshi’s mask has fallen off. He’s a jihad enabler.

    What are we to deduce about Mohammed Emwazi? Does power corrupt? Or does the Islamic Stockholm syndrome change someone’s personality from a lamb into a PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER?

    Islam, I conclude, is a mental illness similar to Stockholm syndrome.

  • Surele Surele

    Aren’t they all sweet, shy, soft spoken? Just an upstanding citizen you could bring to meet your parents…

  • ed

    leave him alone ,he is my fave “mus-twat” I want him as my sat-nav voice so I can have a laugh on my travels !