Sorry, as hard as I try I really can’t give a toss about teenage jihadists

For weeks now the mainstream media has tried to make us all feel sorry for the three teenage girls who sneaked out of the UK and went off to join the savages of ISIS.

As far as broadcasters like Sky and the BBC have been concerned, Britain has lost some future Nobel Prize winners rather than useless individuals who have chosen to go off and join a fascist death cult.

I’ve tried to feel sorry for them, Lord knows I’ve tried, but I can’t help thinking ‘if they love the murderous butchers of ISIS so much then good riddance to bad rubbish’. I’ve tried to feel sorry for their families but again found a reason not to, in that case it was ‘what sort of family environment produces children whose moral compass is so easily pointed towards approval of murderous savages’.

I tried to put myself in their shoes and think back to the political mistakes I made when I was young but there was no comparison. I might have spouted some naïve political bullshit at that time but I knew right from wrong. I would never have joined a group like ISIS nor would I have directly supported or joined or volunteered to fight with any terrorist group.

No, beyond the normal humane feeling that here are three lives that have been thrown away, I find that I really cannot give a toss about them…

  • Elaine Murray

    Not a doubt in my mind their parents arranged for them to marry or join ISIS .Muslim females don’t even cross the street alone, especially the ones who wear the rags of oppression on their heads. They are constantly watched by family and the muslim community who can’t wait to beat on them for the slightest indiscretion. What else could they say except they were absconded, that wouldn’t have them put in jail for aiding and abetting islamic terrorist?

    • There is I suspect much wider support for such adventures in the Ummah than is commonly known.

    • Exile1981

      I said it when the three girls went missing from england. How did they buy tickets? There ages would have prevented them traveling to Turkey alone with out parental permission.

  • Dana Garcia

    The years 16 to 25 are dangerous for human survival since the passions are coming on like gangbusters but the brain is not fully wired to provide a counterbalance of reason. The kiddies who run off for adventure in dar al-Islam suffer from the same craziness that many experience, but this being Islam, the affliction is more like psychosis.

    • Frau Katze

      I agree. Kids do some really stupid things in that age bracket.

  • Alain

    Soliciting compassion for criminals and blaming their behaviour on outside forces has become the norm with the chattering class in the West for quiet some time now. It has never been acceptable, but it continues. It is being applied now to Muslims: pity these teenage girls, pity the “mentally disturbed” jihadist, etc. It is imperative to reject this and to purge it from our “justice” system, but it has become so ingrained that that has become almost impossible to do.

  • ed

    45 million brits in unison said ” good, fu*k off and don`t come back”

  • Barrington Minge

    Agreed..piss off and don’t come back…we don’t care!!