Smorgasbord of Hate: The Islamic State Finds Fresh Recruits in Sweden’s Angry Young Men

Ahmed* waits for me in a parking lot at the northern edge of Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a dreary November morning in his hometown, and he’s standing on a patch of grass in an expanse of damp concrete and gray sky. He’s likable, a shy but friendly 25-year-old who greets me with an earnest handshake and expresses himself clearly and politely in English.

He’s also a member of the Islamic State, the vicious group of Sunni extremists now at war with a US-led coalition of more than 60 countries. Over scalding coffee and chocolate doughnuts in a nearby fast-food restaurant, he explains why he joined.

The Islamic State controls large parts of Syria and Iraq in a self-declared “caliphate” where militants enforce a fanatical interpretation of Islamic law and have committed widely publicized atrocities

  • ProgNorth

    “I think security should let those who want to travel to Syria do so. Those who can’t go might commit jihad here instead.”

    The feeling of most of the rest of us I assume. The more we let out, on a one way ticket, the better.

  • Jason

    “They [the Islamic State] are doing the same things the US and the UK are doing….”

    Gosh, he’s right – why didn’t I see it before? The US *does* crucify prisoners, and burns innocent muslims alive! They *do* sell muslim women into sex slavery (though they probably couldn’t give away most of those gals). ISIS has been right all along!

    (Sarcasm off.) Same old crap – why does anyone in the West bother to listen to these bloodthirsty losers?

    • winniec

      We listen because they are building bombs in their basements.

  • winniec

    There are also hundreds like him in Canada. Let’s not kid ourselves. Justin can enable them all he wants, but they will betray him eventually.

  • Islam is just numbers gone bad. These “thoroughly brainwashed” religious fruitcake, jihadis can be your “lone wolf” or get together with other “thoroughly brainwashed” religious fruitcake, jihadis and form a terror organization.

    Islam will continue to spawn these “thoroughly brainwashed” religious fruitcake, jihadis and terror organizations until Islamic theology is reformed.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Reformation of islam is a theological impossibility, I’m afraid. Elimination of islam from the equation must be our only long-term goal if we are realistic about what islam actually is.

      • All problems have a solution.

        Islam is a problem.

        The counter-jihad movement needs to create ways to de-program the jihadis. And create solutions to stop the training of more of them.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Sweden again. Somebody should redo Led Zepp’s “Sick Again” as “Sweden Again”. The lyrics need almost no adjustment.

  • Linda1000

    “Come for the IS team fighting, stay for the hanging and beheading goals.”

  • pdxnag

    These angry young men — angry young Muslim men — have been infused with this “fanatical interpretation of Islamic law” since birth by the local community. It is normal, to them.