Shocking video shows aftermath of store owner’s bust-up with alleged graffiti vandal

Here’s a follow up to yesterday’s post.

“A shocking video emerged Friday allegedly showing a vandal lying bloodied on the ground moments after he spray painted a Kensington Market storefront.

Luis Vega said he tried to apprehend the man because he is sick of people vandalizing his business. The El Gordo food court, on Augusta Ave., has been a constant target of taggers who use spray paint to make their mark, he said.

Vega said he shot the video on Thursday which shows a man apologizing profusely while he’s on the ground with blood on his nose and injuries.”

I don’t blame the owner at all. Good for him.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Here’s the unedited video.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He was hoping for la Flaca but he got el Gordo instead.

    • That kid is gonna squirm, everyone will see this video.

  • chayisun

    And, Toronto police issued an arrest warrant for the store owner…
    “We cannot have vigilante justice in Toronto. Next thing you know people will begin to resist the criminals!”

    • marty_p

      On Newtalk 1010 this morning – issue was discussed. One caller complained his place of business has stainless steel cladding which used to make graffiti cleanup easy – now the “artists” have switched to an acid based product and the acid ruined the finish on the stainless steel.

  • Mark

    This needs to happen to every ‘artist’ out there who deface anyone’s property but their own.

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Poor bastard – the store owner – doesn’t he know that right is wrong and vice versa … seems to me that I’ve seen photos where the police make some sort of big public announcement on lawlessness ; there are 1,2 or more criminal lawyers hovering … gee I wonder why. Vigilante justice is always brought on when the police won’t address a citizen’s concerns must less investigate a crime; it’s happened to me several times during my life, in retrospect and upon familiarizing myself with the Police Services Act – the police often neglect their duties. In third world countries, when police neglect their duties it is known as Corruption.

  • mauser 98
  • simus1

    A creepy, vandalizing, tagger pos gets caught, gets a good slap in the face, and his honker starts bleeding.
    Well it was a good start.
    Of course the usual BS from Toronto’s Finest when they finally show up. Probably all high price talent on the “sunshine list”

  • BillyHW

    Wow he whines like a little faggot.

  • simus1


  • David Murrell

    When I was a newly-arrived immigrant in Canada (Ottawa), I lived on the fringes for a good two years, from 1970-1973. Some of my acquaintances at the time, shoplifted, and did “walk aways” from restaurants, where they would sneak out without paying. But a cardinal rule was to NEVER shoplift or do a “walk-away” from an immigrant run establishment. To get caught, it was told, would risk getting beaten up. The rule was to do this sort of stuff at a corporately-owned chain establishment.

    The same rule held true at Jewish-owned places. A distant-acquaintance at the time, got caught shoplifting at a local, small music place down in the Byward Market area of Ottawa. The owners held him for the police. Another time — when I was working as a dishwasher at Nate’s Delicatessen on Rideau Street, a big guy tried walking out of the restaurant without paying. The burly owners, including a young David Smith, wrestled the guy to the floor, and held him for the Ottawa police.
    One doesn’t mess with small shop or restaurant owners.

  • Maggat

    Has the store owner been arrested yet????

  • AlanUK

    My first reaction was that this was Kennsington, London, England.
    It would appear that it is not.

  • Minicapt

    The violator is still alive, therefore the violence was not excessive.