Prevent strategy: Is it failing to stop radicalisation?

Teenage schoolgirls from East London absconding to join Islamic State in Syria, 3,000-plus Europeans already in their ranks, and an endless stream of persuasive, slickly-produced online videos pouring into young people’s computers and smartphones.

There are ample grounds for thinking that, in the propaganda war for the hearts and minds of young Muslims, governments are failing to stop their message getting through.

Here in the UK, a key part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy is called Prevent.

It is a programme aimed at stopping more people getting drawn towards violent extremism. But given the current trends listed above, is it failing?

“Of course it is failing,” says Aminul Hoque, a lecturer and author on British Islamic identity at the University of London.

  • Hard Little Machine

    UK passports will probably have to be stamped “I” soon with the I for Infidel.

  • It is quite simple to stop Islamic “radicalization”.

    Don’t let Muslims teach the Koran or other documents that preach hatred and violence.

    Sorry, but it is quite true. No Islamic theology = No Islamic violence. Duh!!!

  • winniec

    Islam is a mental illness similar to the Stockholm syndrome. It turns ordinary people into hate-filled, braindead, delusional killer zombies.

  • moraywatson

    Islam is radical. If you want to curb radicalization, you have to curb islam. It is really that simple.

  • Gaian

    Just look at the picture with this article. Mobile trash cans on the sidewalk. I wonder if burning trash is illegal where this picture was taken? Looks like they have those trash cans draped in flammable material.

  • Minicapt

    “Let them go, don’t let them back.”
    What is the problem?