Op-ed: Immigration is now on the verge of destroying UK

A heavily Muslim neighbourhood in Birmingham, England

As our national identity is eroded, the political class still refuses to admit the scale of the catastrophe.

When the bloodthirsty Islamist brute nicknamed “Jihadi John” was exposed as a London computer graduate and terror suspect called Mohammed Emwazi, the cry went up, “How was he allowed to slip through the net?”

But it was an absurd question.

There is no net.

The last remnants of that tattered fabric have been torn away by a gang of unpatriotic, self-serving politicians who have imposed a destructive social revolution on our country without any consent from the British people.

The scandalous ease with which Emwazi was able not only to practice his violent fundamentalism but also to embark on his global jihadist travels is a graphic symbol of the collapse of our national integrity.

Fixated by the ideology of multi-culturalism, our rulers are unwilling to uphold either our borders or our British way of life…

  • Our political class is no different. We need a revolution.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    Ukistan is already destroyed; a war of reconquest is unavoidable!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Violent civil insurrection.
    It’s now the only way out for the English people.

  • Alain

    Western politicians are not doing this out of ignorance; they are wilful traitors to their country and their own people for the purpose of political gain. They well understand that a homogeneous people are much more difficult to oppress and are much more likely to resist and revolt against tyranny. A balkanised population with divided groups with divided loyalties and lacking any sense of national identity are easier to conquer. For most of Western Europe that mission has already been achieved.

  • zip

    Why have passport s if we’re multicultural?
    What are we defending?


    • Hktony

      Good point!

  • bob e

    lots of room for these people in africa ..
    (if they shut the door at libya)

  • Clink9

    Ship all the seditious bastards to Assholistan if the culture and food are so cute.