Obama’s Main Achievement: Iran in Iraq

Earlier this week, Secretary of State John Kerry was in Saudi Arabia trying to reassure one of America’s most important Arab allies that the administration wasn’t selling them down the river. The Saudis, like many Arab regimes in the region, are actually in agreement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the nature of the nuclear threat from Iran and President Obama’s reckless pursuit of détente with that regime. But Kerry’s efforts to calm the Saudis didn’t appear to succeed. Despite the secretary’s claim that the U.S. wasn’t seeking a “grand deal” with Iran and would, “not take our eye off of Iran’s other destabilizing actions,” the Saudis were well aware of the fact that Iranian-supported Shiite troops were playing a leading role in the effort to reclaim the Iraqi city of Tikrit from ISIS. As the New York Times reports today in a front-page feature, in the wake of the president’s complete withdrawal from Iraq, Iran has virtually replaced the U.S. as the dominant foreign power in that country. In other words, it’s too late for Kerry or American allies to worry about whether Iran’s efforts to gain regional hegemony will succeed.

That’s because they already have.

  • winniec

    Obama is creating a Shi’ite army that will rampage over the entire region from Pakistan to the Mediterranean. More blood will flow. Perhaps this is God’s judgment on the Muslims for searing their consciences. Being a Muslim requires the suppression of the conscience and critical thought. Nothing stimulates them like pain. Muslims will be forced to question whether this Death Cult is true or false. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of Islam.

  • Blacksmith

    I wonder who in this administration would stand to gain from this, I seem to recall someone close to the president is Iranian, hmm such a puzzle. I wonder who is pulling his strings?
    Sarc off

    • Kerry clearly knows nothing about Islam. He is only a yes man to Obama.

      Obama was brainwashed into Islam’s cult as a child. He clearly uses Islamic taqqiyah to deceive the PC crowd. The real scary part about Obama is, he is not smart enough to know his own mental limitations (caused by Islamic indoctrination.) And his followers are as brain dead as him.

      As the Obama presidency winds down, expect him to expose more of his deeper anti-Western animus. Expect even his some of his followers to be appalled. It will get bad.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        We could already see the split among the Democrats when Netanyahu addressed Congress. Many stood and cheered, while others either stayed away or turned grumpy like Pelosi.

  • David Murrell

    Well, Obama was looking for a signature foreign police achievement. Maybe Iran in Iraq is it. Or maybe it’s Russia in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Or maybe it’s Iran having the nuclear bomb. Many Obama achievements to choose from.