Noam Chomsky – “Obama is a man of the center-right. That’s called the ‘left’ in the United States.”

“Obama is a man of the center-right. That’s called the ‘left’ in the United States.”

With that, Part 2 of Ezra Levant’s interview with Noam Chomsky gets off to a roaring start.

Chomsky condemns Obama’s drone program as a “targeted assassination campaign,” and states that global Gallup polls consistently call America the greatest threat to world peace.

Levant and Chomsky discuss U.S. foreign policy, Islamic terrorism and Israel in another provocative conversation.

PART ONE of our conversation is here

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  • simus1

    Interviewing those with “LSCIS” (leftist stopped clock insanity syndrome) is perhaps best left to heavy intellects like those prestigious individuals found on “The View”.

    • He is off his rocker.

      • David

        and he should be confined to it.

  • BillyHW

    Can’t we put a yellow star on this guy and exile him to “Palestine” or something?

  • olddog

    Mutant (D)NA..a clear and present (D)anger to mankind… (D)elete these SOBs..time is short…

  • PoliWach

    Typical professor….contrarian, anarchist. Professors believe, because they are highly educated in usually one discipline, they know how to run the world. Truth be told, they live their whole lives in academia surrounded by youth, with tenure and little to no challenges. Hardly an example of real life. Those that know, do. Those that don’t know, teach.
    Unfortunately, these professors are brainwashing our youth towards socialism/Marxism. It’s a serious danger to the future of democracy.