#No2Trudeau Pro-Life Campaign: Manning Conference 2015

Brian Lilley talks to Campaign Life Coalition’s Alissa Golob about their new grassroots campaign: No2Trudeau.

Canadian Catholics have traditionally voted for the Liberal Party. However, that party’s leader, self-described Catholic Justin Trudeau, is “so extreme on abortion” that Campaign Life is sending two young people across the country to explain why social conservatives shouldn’t vote for him.

No2Trudeau will be “the largest prolife campaign in Canadian history,” and Golob stresses that it is NOT associated with the Conservative Party of Canada.

  • Just like his dad, Trudeau supports communist China which forces abortions and infanticides for female babies and allows the sexual and physical abuse of North Korean women.

    THERE is your pro-life angle.

  • Exile1981

    Turdeau needs to show us how committed he is to the abortion doctrine by performing a post birth abortion on himself.