Muslim school holiday recognition unlikely in Canada

Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing two new holidays for public schools this week. Credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times. It accompanies a gushing editorial at NYT, who are thrilled to pieces.

Despite a move by New York City to close its schools for two Muslim holidays starting next fall, it’s unlikely anyone but Muslim Canadian students will be allowed to miss those school days north of the border. But some wonder if at least some Canadian schools should follow the Big Apple’s lead.

When New York City schools close their doors for Eid al-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice) and Eid al-Fitr (the end of Ramadan), students “will no longer have to choose between honouring the most sacred days on their calendar or attending school,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said when he made the announcement earlier this week.

Canada isn’t “anywhere near that point,” says Mihad Fahmy. She’s the head of the National Council of Canadian Muslims’ human rights committee and a labour and human rights lawyer…

  • Maggat

    “the Festival of Sacrifice”. Seems there is a hell of a lot of that going on over in the Middle East now. I don’t think we need any of that over here.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    I hope that some of his Mohammedan pets take him and his whole family out; that should teach him to pander to them and to shut down the NYPD counter-terrorism surveillance program!

  • mauser 98


    nothing under Wynne/Levin reign of terror is unlikely
    hellfire & damnation assured..
    we are headed to hell in a hand basket

    • Pontifex Maximus

      Kathleen Wynne should be euthanised on grounds of extreme ugliness; the same goes foe her “partner”!

      • mauser 98

        no… too good for her
        she should be made to hold a real job,, pay taxes
        would be her hell for her

  • edlancey

    Every day in Canada is a holiday for the ungrateful mobots

  • eMan14

    As soon as you start that, they’ll want us to not eat during daylight hours to support them during Ramadan.
    Then prayers allowed everywhere 5 times a day.
    Then only halal served in schools
    Then no pork products in lunchrooms (no Baconator)
    Then no alcohol
    Then allow Sharia for Muslim civil matters
    Then Sharia for everybody
    Then xxxxx
    There is no end game… it will always be something else.
    And when our children, or children’s children complain that they are victims of Islamophobia, we will have gone too far to turn the clock back.

    • Gary

      Look at the new accommodation for the Toronto police where they will now allow the Hijab and Niqab for the uniform to meet Diversity Quotas to hire muslim women . Plus I heard that the Police Station Lunch rooms are now halal and ban pork as to not offend muslim Officers.
      Wynne and McGuilty allowed the jew-hating homophobic mosque in valley park Public school to secure her MPP seat , now she still backs the pro-hamas pro Sharia law Mosque because it gets Liberals votes as we see with Jihad-Justin endorsing mosques that condone murdering gays or the child-bride paedophilia seen in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Gaza.

      The islamists play the victim as a minority to get special treatment because it’s just a few muslims wanting a prayer room or a Mosque in a Public school. But this is just the building of the foundation for their caliphate because once they have the numbers it becomes DEMANDS for sharia law with the threats or terrorism or riots as we seen in other nations stupid enough to think that islam and Sharia will work in their Country as peaceful because it is all those OTHER muslims that have it wrong in islamic nation .

      The islamists won’t stop at killing the jews or just a few Mosques in Public schools. The scam is to fool the White Liberals so they turn the public school into State funded Madrassa’s run by sharia law because the liberal are too stupid to see it.
      Wynne is a mother and it’s bad enough she embraces people like Ben Levin, but now she is setting the stage for her grand daughters to wear Niqabs and for gays to be executed in public….all for a few more years in power to drive up the debt and cause more suicides by the victims of Liberal policies.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘Muslim school holiday recognition unlikely in Canada’

    And CBC has the sadz.

  • Gary

    Take note how the Hamas-linked NCCM didn’t rule out the Holiday in the future, they just don’t think the Jihad for a caliphate in canada doesn’t have enough muslims yet.
    Remember, it was Sheema khan and CAIR in 2005 that tried to get Sharia Law in Ontario. But for now CAIR only found suckers in the TPSB , TDSB, CUPE, and Liberals like Sen. Grant Mitchell.

  • John

    I just hate Bill de Blasio. His real name is actually German in origin, but Bill decided to bronze his complexion a little and so chose a latinesque moniker. If you feel too ashamed to use your real name because it’s too ‘white’, then you’re a fucking pathology. Bill “de Blasio” is sick in the head. This gift to New York’s Muslims, those poor little brown people, was prompted by intense self loathing, and nothing else. Instead of giving a speech, he should have stood at the podium and repeated the phrase “I really hate myself” about 5,000 times