Muslim Brotherhood under the microscope in Canada

MONTREAL — The federal government is coming under increased pressure to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terror outfit, as more evidence piles up that the group has tentacles in Canada.

Its two main offshoots, Hamas and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, are listed as terrorist organizations in Canada.

The last Canadian organization to be added to the list vis the alleged Hamas fundraiser IRFAN-Canada, which has worked closely with the Brotherhood, according to an RCMP warrant.

A source tells QMI that the Brotherhood itself, long considered the ideological godfather of Islamist terrorism, has also been under close watch by security officials.


“…One of them, Dr. Jamal Badawi of Halifax, is a noted Muslim scholar, speaker and television host. His name appears three times in evidence at the Holy Land trial, the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history.

Badawi has publicly preached nonviolence and tolerance. However, a compilation of his teachings on makes it clear he believes establishing an Islamic state is a duty for Muslims.

“The Qur’an is full of indications that are direct, indirect, explicit, implicit that show without any shred of doubt that the establishment of Islamic order or rule is mandatory that Muslims must establish,” the website reads.

QMI Agency reached Badawi at his Halifax home, at the same phone number listed in the Brotherhood directory tabled at the Holy Land trial.

He insisted his links to the Brotherhood are “a myth” and that “there’s no Muslim Brotherhood in Canada.”

We have been writing about Jamal Badawi and his links to the Muslim Brotherhood since almost Day 1 of this blog it seems.

Badawi was on the board of CAIR-Can and remains linked to that despicable organization via the NCCM.

And to think that all these years we have been called racists and Islamophobes inventors of conspiracy theories etc etc etc… Blah Blah Blah

Let’s hope the Muslim Brotherhood is declared a terrorist organization and its members stripped of Canadian citizenship and expelled.

The same should go for the vote whores who let them in in the first place and have courted them ever since.