Muslim Brotherhood under the microscope in Canada

MONTREAL — The federal government is coming under increased pressure to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terror outfit, as more evidence piles up that the group has tentacles in Canada.

Its two main offshoots, Hamas and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, are listed as terrorist organizations in Canada.

The last Canadian organization to be added to the list vis the alleged Hamas fundraiser IRFAN-Canada, which has worked closely with the Brotherhood, according to an RCMP warrant.

A source tells QMI that the Brotherhood itself, long considered the ideological godfather of Islamist terrorism, has also been under close watch by security officials.


“…One of them, Dr. Jamal Badawi of Halifax, is a noted Muslim scholar, speaker and television host. His name appears three times in evidence at the Holy Land trial, the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history.

Badawi has publicly preached nonviolence and tolerance. However, a compilation of his teachings on makes it clear he believes establishing an Islamic state is a duty for Muslims.

“The Qur’an is full of indications that are direct, indirect, explicit, implicit that show without any shred of doubt that the establishment of Islamic order or rule is mandatory that Muslims must establish,” the website reads.

QMI Agency reached Badawi at his Halifax home, at the same phone number listed in the Brotherhood directory tabled at the Holy Land trial.

He insisted his links to the Brotherhood are “a myth” and that “there’s no Muslim Brotherhood in Canada.”

We have been writing about Jamal Badawi and his links to the Muslim Brotherhood since almost Day 1 of this blog it seems.

Badawi was on the board of CAIR-Can and remains linked to that despicable organization via the NCCM.

And to think that all these years we have been called racists and Islamophobes inventors of conspiracy theories etc etc etc… Blah Blah Blah

Let’s hope the Muslim Brotherhood is declared a terrorist organization and its members stripped of Canadian citizenship and expelled.

The same should go for the vote whores who let them in in the first place and have courted them ever since.

  • Jim Horne

    If Canadian PM Harper and Australian PM Abbott were in lock step in their approach to dealing with militant Islam then I believe that other countries would follow suit. Radicals who espouse a caliphate and sharia have no place in either country. Identify them, disrupt their activities, strip them of citizenship and deport them to an Islamic country.

    Democracy and Feeedom must be defended from Theocracy aand Tyranny.

    • Why did they ever let these people into Canada?

      Who is responsible for this criminal act?

      That’s what i want to know.

      • Minicapt

        PIPSC and PSAC, always …


  • David Murrell

    I agree with everything you say here, Cat, in your post. But if the feds declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the government would face searing comments from (1) other countries, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who support the MB, and (2) from the opposition parties, and their crony friends in the corporate media (the Star, the Globe, CBC News and CTV News). The latter support the MB, given its anti-Semitic stance.

    So the government might be hesitant to attack the MB. But I think it would be electorally healthy to do so, since the Canadian public are fed up with radical Islamist groups.

  • Any awareness of the problem is good. The more the better.

    Once the sleepy PC crowd wakes up, the sirens can be sounded. And the non-Muslim world can strategize a fix.

    Islam is simply a collective social problem. And there is a fix. Denying the problem only delays the fix.

  • winniec

    If Justin becomes PM, he will give Jamal Badawi a job in the government. Justin is naïve about Islamic supremacism and a jihad enabler, like Obama.

  • winniec

    The swords on the Muslim Brotherhood shield say ‘Islam is peace’.

  • cmh

    I agree that the MB must be declared a terror organization and enemy of the state. This move will shift their agenda to be more secretive and assume a different name once again. I urge all citizens to vocally support this move, don’t just think it will pass through legislation easily. The fight is on and you must take part. The MB has one existential goal which is to bring Sharia to our land to replace democracy. Egypt has it right in its efforts to abolish the MB and the world should be helping them to succeed. Here is a useful website about the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • moraywatson

    Once the Muslim Brotherhood is declared a terrorist organization the net should be cast for Muslim Student Associations and Islamic Studies programs.

    • Any affiliated organization, including their mosques.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As an American, I hope Canada makes that declaration, joining in agreement the United Arab Emirates. This will then put pressure on Obama to justify his partiality toward that organization.