Mohammed Emwazi expelled from Tanzania for being ‘drunk and disorderly’

Mohammed Emwazi, the British extremist accused of beheading foreign hostages in Syria, was expelled from Tanzania for being drunk and abusive, it has emerged.

The supposed strict Muslim had reportedly engaged in a 10-hour drinking session onboard a flight from Amsterdam to the east African city of Dar es Salaam, where he was denied entry, according to a report in The Times.

Emwazi was detained upon arrival in May 2009 for “drunkenness”, alongside companions Ali Adorus, 27, from east London, who has since been jailed in Ethiopia for terrorism offences, and a German national named as 23-year-old Marcel Schrodl.

Contradicting previous reports that they had been tipped off by MI5, Mathias Chikawe, Tanzania’s home affairs minister, said that it was the pilot of the KLM flight on which Emwazi was travelling that warned immigration staff that the trio were trouble.

  • winniec

    Drunkenness is normative among jihadists, rather than an aberration. Why? Because the most criminal of Muslims are actually the MOST LIKELY to turn to jihad! Why? Because in one act of barbaric jihad (which they savagely enjoy), they can purge ALL their sins (which among criminals are many and severe ones).
    The brutality and criminality of jihad are no different from the criminality and brutality of being a pimp or drug dealer. If you have seen any Muslim criminals, they are likely to be pious. Now you know why this seeming contradiction.