ISIS militants destroy ancient Iraqi city of Hatra, Iraq government says

I am in favour of issuing a serious threat to nuke Medina. (Mecca’s strike two. Think of it as Nagasaki.)

  • Just makin friends all over,

  • BillyHW

    Are there not two Russians in an underground silo somewhere with the keys that couldn’t be persuaded to press the button with a bottle of vodka or something?

  • Funny thing about Nagasaki…

    It wasn’t a primary target. Kyoto was. Nagasaki, rich in history and very cosmopolitan, became again after the war.

    People stress about the necessary decision to immolate that fair city seventy years ago but are hardly noticing what’s going on now.

    • My father once wondered why they didn’t nuke Mount Fuji instead.

      • Mount Fuji is where they keep the fighting robots.

        Mesopotamia/Babylon (now Iraq) and Persia (Iran) have such rich ancient history. As it has been destroyed and we are witness to it (without lifting a finger to stop it), future generations will wonder what was wrong with us.

  • jzaik

    Atta boy. There ya go guys.