Dutch Schools Cease Teaching Holocaust To Accommodate Well Integrated Muslims

A number of Dutch schools refrain from teaching about the Holocaust because of resistance from Muslim pupils, teachers told lawmakers.

The centrist Christian Union party held a roundtable discussion about Holocaust education with teachers and other professionals Wednesday in parliament in The Hague, The Algemeen Dagblad daily reported.

They likely stopped so as not to give the little bastards any ideas.


  • Passive Holocaust denial.

    I guess the Netherlands learned nothing from the Second World War.

    • Exile1981

      There was a second world war? – sarc

      No my experience with people from the Netherlands is a very small group of engineers and salespeople who all worked for the same company and it’s well over a decade ago; but under those provisions even back then they were very unaware of the rest of the world. They came to Calgary and when my then boss and me were being taken out to supper by them they were pretty specific that the restaurant we picked not be owned by “Jews” and no they where not muslims. They also were absolutely surprised to find out that attempted bribery will get you blacklisted from bidding on Canadian projects and cost you the multi million dollar contract. They explained that bribes and kick backs were part of normal life in the Netherlands and they didn’t understand how we didn’t do it that way.

      I suspect that this is just them “bribing” the muslims to behave, with out understanding that the muslims are not playing by the same rules.

    • Not much it seems. Beyond how to be occupied.

  • Frau Katze

    I’m shocked, shocked!

  • Richard1ne

    Do they have new generations of cowards supported by pusillanimous leaders and politicians? Yes they do.