Conservatives pander to violent supremacist cult they invited to settle here

Canada stands with innocent, peaceful Muslims: Defence minister

Gee Jason, maybe if Citizenship and Immigration hadn’t doubled Canada’s Muslim population since 911, we wouldn’t be in this fix.

Your government, desperate to please its corporate friends didn’t give a damn where the bodies came from so long as you had enough fodder for your mass immigration scam.

Our eyes are open despite your silly efforts to whitewash Islam. Nowhere in the world does Islam play well with others, it never has, and still your government opened the gates.

No one can trust a government whose ruinous judgement on the immigration file created this ugly mess.

Here’s Jason Kenney visiting the Al Rashid mosque, they were business partners with Moammar Qaddafi’s World Islamic Call Society, a Muslim charity whose status was revoked by the CRA because they funded Muslim Terrorism. Yes, they funded terrorists, another culturally enriching benefit of our Conservative government’s immigration scam.


Here’s Jason Kenney visiting Iran’s GTA outpost, the Jaffari centre. It’s run by a swell bunch of guys, a real credit to the Conservative government’s immigration policy as this Memri report outlines – Memri: Subverversive Activity Of Iranian Organizations In Canada – Ahlul Bayt Society.

Heck if you wanna marry a 9 year old, the Jaffari centre Imam is the man you wanna see. Thank Jason.


  • DMB

    Muslims make good performers as well. That is why they love to be perceived as victims and cry out Islamphobia.

  • cmh

    Thank you for this article. I have always supported the Conservative Party of Canada but I have become acutely aware they have lost their way completely and are not going to fulfill their election promises regarding the senate or electing judges etc. They are also lying to us about cutting islamic immigration and not having boots on the ground. The last straw just might be the release of the doctored bibeau martyrdom video. What’s next?…. cutting ties with Israel? The only thing holding them in place is the fact that there is no alternative party to vote for.

    • Alain

      I concur which is why I ceased donating to the CPC and have stated the reason, yet I continue receiving requests for donations. I am sadly well aware that the Liberals and NDP would be even worse, but I strongly object to having to choose the least of three evils. We are in dire need of a different federal political party whose priorities are a strong national identity and the interest of Canadian citizens instead of corporate socialism.

  • PoliWach

    If you’re thinking Trudeau would be a better leader, think again. He’s visited practically every mosque in Canada. Some of them several times.
    It was Pierre Trudeau who opened the floodgates to immigrants.
    Harper is much harder on Muslim activity. He’s passed several new terrorist laws to ensure protection of Canada as much as possible. Trudeau and angry Tom did not agree with those laws.

    • I know that Justin will be worse as will Mulcair.

    • I know that Justin will be worse as will Mulcair. But the fact remains nearly 25% of our total immigrant intake in the decade following 911 was from Islamic states, absolutely the worst choice possible given the cult’s beliefs and antipathy to western civilization.

      • PoliWach

        That seems to be true in all western countries. Don’t know why but the immigration was considerably more of Muslims. I think we’d all like answers to that. Although, it’s too late. Worse in Britain, Sweden, France, Germany…..

  • PoliWach
  • Linda1000

    The problem is Mr. Kenney, our innocent peaceful, muslims in Canada probably number around 200,000 out of our estimated 2 million total muslims . I’m guessing there are 50,000 Ahmadi, 50,000 Ismaili, 50,000 various other sects,like Kurds,etc., and maybe 50,000 non-practicing or secular muslims. There are literally hundreds of thousands of mainstream conservative fundamentalist Sunni and Shia muslims in Canada whether Salafi Twelvers, Wahabbi, Hanaifi etc., schools of Islam. Not all of these hundreds of thousands of muslims have come into Canada since 2006 under Harper’s gov’t.
    The question is what do we do now because these various sects of muslims do not really like each other or at best tolerate one another and many of them hate Jews Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, infidels, etc.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Look closely too at the photo of Kenney posing with his hosts at the Jaffari centre.

    Kenney is obviously the happiest person in that photo.
    Those Shias find him twice as dirty as the Sunnis he was probably kissing up to earlier in the day.

    What a fool.

    What a closeted, gay fool, happily schmoozing the Ayatollah’s groupies.

    • You should have seen some of he things said about him in the Shia forums.

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        I regret not seeing that.

        All of our politicians have sold us out, but, the photos of Kenney on mosque-crawls are worse, because for one, he’s a Conservative, and two, he’s gay.

    • PoliWach