Conservatives pander to violent supremacist cult they invited to settle here

Canada stands with innocent, peaceful Muslims: Defence minister

Gee Jason, maybe if Citizenship and Immigration hadn’t doubled Canada’s Muslim population since 911, we wouldn’t be in this fix.

Your government, desperate to please its corporate friends didn’t give a damn where the bodies came from so long as you had enough fodder for your mass immigration scam.

Our eyes are open despite your silly efforts to whitewash Islam. Nowhere in the world does Islam play well with others, it never has, and still your government opened the gates.

No one can trust a government whose ruinous judgement on the immigration file created this ugly mess.

Here’s Jason Kenney visiting the Al Rashid mosque, they were business partners with Moammar Qaddafi’s World Islamic Call Society, a Muslim charity whose status was revoked by the CRA because they funded Muslim Terrorism. Yes, they funded terrorists, another culturally enriching benefit of our Conservative government’s immigration scam.


Here’s Jason Kenney visiting Iran’s GTA outpost, the Jaffari centre. It’s run by a swell bunch of guys, a real credit to the Conservative government’s immigration policy as this Memri report outlines – Memri: Subverversive Activity Of Iranian Organizations In Canada – Ahlul Bayt Society.

Heck if you wanna marry a 9 year old, the Jaffari centre Imam is the man you wanna see. Thank Jason.