Bell Media Wants CRTC To Kick US Networks Off Of Canadian Airwaves

“The president of Bell Media fired a broadside at Canada’s broadcast regulator on Friday, saying its policies are hobbling the company’s profitability and suggesting that U.S. networks such as CBS, NBC and FOX should be kicked off the country’s airwaves.

In a speech to a TV industry audience in Ottawa, Kevin Crull argued the business model for traditional broadcasters is “fundamentally broken” and “unsustainable,” pointing a finger at Hollywood’s direct intrusion on Canadian TV dials.”

Link fixed

I love these corporations that wrap themselves in the flag while they layoff Canadians and outsource those same jobs to 3rd world countries.

Nowadays Ma Bell will allow you to be insulted by a Moroccan at no extra charge.



  • Clink9

    If Bell Media can’t compete then I suggest they leave the country.

  • PoliWach

    When hell freezes over! Over my dead body! When pigs fly! OMG….imagine CBC on every channel! OUCH!

  • David Murrell

    You posted link above is a Globe article announcing job cuts by the pro-Liberal Bell Media. Nice to see that mediocre news company having problems.

    Here is the correct Globe article of Bell Media’s Kevin Krull’s speech, decrying U.S. TV on our cable channels:

    Funny that he kept his yap shut, when SunTV wanted on the lower channels. But now that SunTV’s gone, he opens his mouth. Funny also that the Globe and Mail gave his speech prominent coverage. Oh, yes! Bell Media owns 15 percent of Canada’s Corrupt Newspaper. The fact that Bell Media owns part of the Globe, and that the Globe gives his speech fawning, uncritical coverage, is purely — I say purely — a coincidence. Yessiree, purely a coincidence.

    • Thanks David. Fixed the link.

      Yes it is an odd coincidence.

  • jayme

    The issue with Bell and other Canadians networks is they don’t try and complete what do they do pump there network full of reruns.

    • David Murrell

      Exactly. They do not have to compete, since they have paid-and-bought-for CRTC executives keeping the corrupt media cartel well-protected and intact.

  • Tom Forsythe

    It would increase traffic on Pirate Bay.

  • simus1

    BELL is a four letter corporate acronym possibly derived from some ancient obscure programming language which resolves to RSMF in English. The “R” may stand for “Rent”, while the other letters still require further extensive research to clearly decode the overall four word meaning they are seeking to convey.

  • Maggat

    It worked for SNN, why not the American news channels.