Zehaf-Bibeau Video Leaves No Doubt: He Was a Terrorist

RCMP released portion of video recorded by terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau before he fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the War Memorial on Parliament HIll, Ottawa on October 22, 2014.

The RCMP’s Bob Paulson described Zehaf-Bibeau as “sober and articulate.”

Contrary to those eager to paint him as merely a drug-fueled nut, his own words make it clear that Zehaf-Bibeau considered himself a Muslim terrorist.

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  • john davis

    How is this a debate? The guy murdered opened fire at the War Memorial and then went to the Centre Block of Parliament Hill and opened fire there, too. Downtown Ottawa was on lockdown in FEAR that he could have done more or wasn’t alone.

    Unfortunately, those who are politically correct, before anything else, were quick to call this guy mentally ill. Clearly, he wasn’t. His motives and goals were transparent and lucid. However, even if he was mentally ill, he murdered Nathan Cirillo, an unarmed Ceremonial Guard, and went to Parliament Hill, the symbol of freedom in our country, and could have murdered many others. This guy was a terrorist.

    • Martin Luffa

      Just another pious orthodox Mohammedan

  • ontario john

    I watched the proceedings and I was sickened to keep hearing the NDP try to make mental health issues the cause even though the RCMP kept saying there were no mental health issues involved. Also the lone wolf scenario was put to rest as he hinted that they were investigating his connections to other moderate muslims in Canada. So much for “nothing to do with islam” Although I’m sure Harooooon will rant that he was right that it is all Harper’s fault because the terrorist mentioned Harper.

  • Alain

    I am fed up with these appeasers and abetters and find them more disgusting than even the terrorists. Other than their fellow travellers no one is buying the lie.

  • But people already knew that.

    When you still have twits claiming that there is no or little Islamist terrorism, it doesn’t matter how obvious certain things, like Zehaf-Bibeau’s terrorism, are.