Wealthy racketeers con feds into targeting Christians

It never has made sense, and most Americans are at a loss to explain it.

Why – in an era when virtually all violent extremism and terror activity in the U.S. comes from those in the grip of radical Islam – is the government obsessed with “rightwing extremism”?

Likewise, why are the major news media always looking for – one could almost say hoping for – evidence that “rightwing extremists” are the culprits in high-profile terror attacks, as proven by network news reports absurdly suggesting the Boston Marathon bombers and the Aurora, Colo., movie theater mass shooter were actually “rightwing extremists” or “tea party” members.

Even the Obama-era Department of Homeland Security and FBI have been preoccupied with threats of “rightwing extremists,” warning law enforcement to watch out for unstable constitutionalists, radical pro-lifers, violent Second Amendment advocates, “anti-immigrant” activists and, especially, returning military veterans.

With genuine mega-threats to the American homeland looming daily from murderous, genocidal jihadists, why the fixation on phantom “rightwing extremists”?

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    But isn’t the point that Americans believe them?

  • Gaylord Ponce

    This outfit has been a nest of vipers ever since they we formed by the black bigot Julian Bond.

  • winniec

    SPLC is a cultural Marxist front.

  • Dana Garcia

    In 2010, my favorite journal dedicated an issue to the “Profiteers of Hate” of the SPLC.


  • k

    The Left are having a hard time changing their narrative …
    Doesn’t quite fit as nicely as it used to, does it, boys 7 girls

  • Exile1981

    The SPLC is a hate group, just look at the lies and crap they spew constantly.