UK: Illegal immigrant landed job in the House of Commons after gluing a photo of herself onto a forged passport

unnamedAn illegal immigrant worked in a House of Commons cafe for two months before security noticed she had simply glued her picture onto a fake Swedish passport.

Adeyemi Zubairu was arrested on 2 January after Palace of Westminster security staff spotted the poorly forged ID document while she working as a casual member of the catering team.

The 37-year-old’s role at the Despatch Box Café, which she secured through an external recruitment agency, saw her serve coffee to senior ministers, MPs and their guests.

Sierra Leonean Zubairu insisted she had applied for the job in desperation for cash after her aunt, who still lived in her native country, contracted Ebola and needed medicine.

She was granted a suspended sentence today after a judge said she committed the crime for ‘honourable reasons’…

h/t Marvin