Turkish PM Davutoğlu urges US Muslims to unite against Islamophobia

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has called on U.S. Muslims to make common cause against Islamophobia and racism.

Davutoglu concluded the first day of his New York visit with an address to representatives of Turkish associations in the U.S. at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Midtown Manhattan on Wednesday.

He urged the 190,000-strong Turkish community in the U.S. not only to raise a common voice on issues related to Turkey’s interests but also to act in unison with Muslims and others in defending human rights on matters related to discrimination and racism.

He also criticized the international community for being silent on the murder of three Muslim students in the U.S. state of North Carolina last month.

“Did the murder of these young Muslims spark the same amount of outrage as the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris had done? Following that attack, I attended the march in Paris to oppose it and stand in solidarity with the French people. But, which heads of state were present at the funeral of these three innocent young Muslims?” Davutoğlu asked…

Standard fare from Turkey’s ruling AKP Party. They are perpetual victims, not to mention illogical. In his mind, the Chapel Hill shootings are the same as the Charlie Hebdo and Paris kosher deli ones. This despite any evidence that Craig Hicks was motivated by Islam.

That might change as the police investigate, but meanwhile why not toss out a ridiculous comparison and play the self-pity card?

What I would like to see from these Islamist politicians are statements about the “problem” verses in the Koran. I would like to hear them disavow them for good.

Until then, their bleating and moaning and “Islamophobia” will be ignored.