Stop Connecting Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism With Islamophobia

Many practitioners of Islam reject Jewish sovereignty and consider Jews (and Christians) to be dhimmis – treated as second-class citizens. Arabism or Arab nationalism reject Zionism. This is the harsh reality. Within mainstream Judaism, there is no such analogue.

But the media – especially the liberal mainstream media – is reflexively prone to link anti-Semitism with ”Islamophobia,” as if the two sprang from the same womb.

The bald facts, however, scream otherwise. The vast majority of violence directed against Jews worldwide – and nowadays most prevalent in tolerant, liberal Europe – is being committed by Muslims who loudly proclaim and invoke their faith.

  • Gary

    I laugh when these islamists in the UK claim that there will be peace once the non-muslim crusaders get out of our muslims lands.

    Say what??
    Muslim lands , islam wasn’t invented until the 7th century which means that every islamic Nation or land with a muslim majority was stolen from the aboriginal people of that time.
    Pretty rich for muslims to steal land in the past by the sword and now try to claim it always was muslim land going back to 3000 B.C. in some cases. Even today in canada we see the islamists are becoming Occupier taking over public schools and Universities as well as Regent Parkistan in Toronto.
    One day they will insist that canada is Muslim lands according to Imam Steve Rockwell when he said that muslims will dominate one day as we out breed all other groups and the quran orders us to live by sharia law and claim the for allah as a caliphate.

    I’ve seen what islam does to natives when it invades a land , and at least the White man in the 1930’s didn’t kill my Father’s people after they fled North from the USA in the 1780’s into Quebec. Some of the islamic Org,’s in canada have hijacked the Native causes and act as if they are the friends of Aboriginal peoples.
    During one protest by natives I saw the flag of Lebanon that was a subtle link to Hezballah , but these natives are as good as dead under islamic sharia law if they don’t convert or agree to the Head-tax .

    • Exile1981

      I’ve seen hamas flags flown at aboriginal events as well. They keep trying to say that they had their land stolen as well.