Sharia Tribunal in Texas an Islamic Trojan Horse?

Sharia Council of Britain. As one would expect: men with beards and Islamic hats pouring over documents.

eurabiae1364189369271-viIn just a few years, America too can enjoy a supposedly conservative politician (Prime Minister David Cameron) talking like this.

DALLAS — Sharia is the law of the land in many Muslim dominated countries. Spreading Sharia around the world is also the stated goal of terror groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now an Islamic tribunal has brought the practice to of all places, Texas.

“Sharia, it is exactly Islamic law, it is from God, it is from Allah,” Dr. Taher El-Badawi, one of the four judges of the new tribunal, said. “It’s full of mercy. I know you have a lot of bad experience and a lot of bad examples around us, I agree with you. But not just in Islam, it is everywhere.”

The Islamic Center of Irving, Texas, is one of the locations that the Islamic tribunal operates. The fact that Sharia law is being practiced in the United States at all comes as a shock to many Americans…

There are official Sharia courts in the UK: it is a good place to start looking at them. Their official site is here.  They are voluntary, restricted to civil matters and UK law is supposed to take precedence.  Still, with the pressure that conservative Muslims exert on their women, “voluntary” may not mean much.

Comes as a shock?  Get used to it.  All they need are more and more Muslims, which are being provided by immigration and simple demographics.

Conservatives of all religions have larger families. Muslims are exceptionally resistant to attempts to curb birth rate (see Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century

  • DMB
  • Three brainwashed fools, looking like a trio of pork scrotums, reading instructions on how to wipe their asses.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s shameful that Texas is allowing this.

    • Frau Katze

      It really gives power to the very religious

      “If just the Muslim woman wants to go to civil court, and she got the final decree from the civil court, that’s not enough for her to be divorced, so she has to go to an imam or to come to Islamic tribunal to get the final divorce for both parties for both sides, the Sharia law, or Islamic law or religious way and also the civil way,” El-Badawi said.

      • Dana Garcia

        As usual, Muslim immigrant males want to remind females that living in a free country doesn’t apply to them. They are still second-class citizens under sharia because they reside in an Islam household.

  • Edubeat

    Looks like a Peel Region Taxi Drivers Convention

  • winniec

    The Muslim birth rate is plummeting while women seek jobs rather than baby ghetto. The revolt against Sharia is coming. 13% of Egyptian young people now say they are atheists.

  • Brett_McS

    Robert Spencer has exposed some very disturbing Islamic connections with Rick Perry, the conservative darling Governor, that seem to go beyond the usual political outreach showboating that all politicians engage in. I don’t know if he is in Grover Norquist’s league but it’s worth keeping an eye on if he challenges for the Presidential nomination. We need someone in the Whitehouse who will clean out the Muslim Brotherhood operatives, not leave them in place.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A civil arbitration by a sharia tribunal to which all parties freely consent is acceptable to me. However, I draw the line at one party saying no and is forced to accept an unwanted jurisdiction.

    • Exile1981

      As long as the tribunal isn’t review something for which there is a crime involved; and the tribunal has to abide by the laws of the state and federal gov’t

  • Gary

    So from now on that does this mean that muslim women can no longer make a refugee claim FROM sharia law . Or will the Welfare Industrial Complex in canada for bogus refugees keep smuggling in ” Refugees” that claim they fled sharia law while at the same time these Groups don’t protest Sharia law being brought to Canada and the USA.
    We already have Public Union employees that vacation in Cuba and Mexico while they have a day job processing refugee claims from Cuba and Mexico.
    Could this be a kick-back scam by Public workers to take money from people in Mexico and Cuba with the promise to get them Welfare and Housing in Toronto as a ” Refugee” if they go to the right Office and get processed by the insiders running this scam.

    Why would a Human Rights crusader in CUPE or OPSEU spend OUR money to prop-up Communism in Cuba by their vacations there when Cuba had jailed gays with aids, denied property rights , steals 10% of every pay check for State provided housing, and controls the movement of its people?

    Well, if you were making an extra $40,000.00 a year in a scam to sell ” Refugee” claims for non-citizens to get a Cash-4-life paid vacation in canada on welfare ………all of that makes sense and explains why Joe Mehevic and Wynne expect CUPE members to commit Treason and steal Tax dollars from the CRA to give to illegals that Toronto now wants to allow to Vote in Elections too.
    Wynne allowed that jew-hating pro-sharia homophobic mosque in the valley park public school just for votes to get her MPP seat , now she’s still endorsing the mosque for the votes while this mosque condones murdering gays, flogging women, and the child-bride paedophilia which we know Ben Levin would approve .