Noam Chomsky vs. Ezra Levant on Free Speech (Part 1)

In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview, Ezra Levant debates the hugely influential academic and author Noam Chomsky on topics ranging from the Left’s embrace (and then seeming abandonment) of freedom of speech, to received wisdom about the wars in Vietnam and Iraq.

First, Professor Chomsky explains what the U.S. First Amendment really protects (and what it doesn’t.)

Dismissing campus speech codes and political correctness as “an exaggeration” and “a marginal phenomenon”, Chomsky claims that state and corporate control over speech is a much more prevalent and dangerous phenomenon — citing his own career as an example.

Don’t miss as Ezra respectfully but forcefully thrusts and parries with this international hero of the Left.

And stay tuned for Part Two of their conversation, about foreign policy.

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