Noam Chomsky vs. Ezra Levant on Free Speech (Part 1)

In an exclusive, wide-ranging interview, Ezra Levant debates the hugely influential academic and author Noam Chomsky on topics ranging from the Left’s embrace (and then seeming abandonment) of freedom of speech, to received wisdom about the wars in Vietnam and Iraq.

First, Professor Chomsky explains what the U.S. First Amendment really protects (and what it doesn’t.)

Dismissing campus speech codes and political correctness as “an exaggeration” and “a marginal phenomenon”, Chomsky claims that state and corporate control over speech is a much more prevalent and dangerous phenomenon — citing his own career as an example.

Don’t miss as Ezra respectfully but forcefully thrusts and parries with this international hero of the Left.

And stay tuned for Part Two of their conversation, about foreign policy.

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Noam Chomsky is the master of the ‘half-truth’, and misdirection through shaded language.
    Answer the question Noam!

    Calling that an “invasion” is pretty disingenuous considering we were INVITED by the host government.
    What the North was doing in their aggressive war of subjugation of the free(er) people of the South was an INVASION.
    The killing fields of S.E. can be laid directly on his doorstep as the butchery of Pol Pot did not get underway until 5-years AFTER we left the theatre.
    He is such an abominable liar and he is drenched in the blood of millions.

    • Jane

      Well said.

    • Una Salus

      When you’re a devout Marxist a lot of stuff gets lost in translation.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        You cannot be a spokesman for Marxism without also being a liar.
        There is nothing lost in translation, he is deliberately misstating history in an effort to lead the weak minded and ignorant astray.
        He’s a bastard of the worst sort.

        • Una Salus

          Yeah, this is not to say it’s not deliberate. Marxists love to appropriate terms like free speech when what they really mean by it is freedom to say the things that matter to them.
          That way they don’t get kicked out of bed.

          Since when society is functioning rationally(according to them) other opinions will be marginalized as a matter of course.
          If they were not marginalized then that would be a sign that society is not sufficiently rational/Marxist.

    • Linda1000

      Chomsky uses his tenured position at MIT (?) As a platform for his lies, not to mention all the books he has written. Here is, I think a valid list with references of over 200.

  • Una Salus

    Good old Noam still complaining that he doesn’t have the means of mass consent manufacturing which is what he really means by the term free speech.

    You can’t teach and old Marxist new tricks.

    Is it any wonder he was so silent on the killing fields of Cambodia? No restrictions on free speech there except the ones he imposed on himself ideologically.

  • Maggat

    Watching Ezra Levant over these next several years will be interesting. I suspect he will turn the dissemination of news here in Canada on it’s collective ear.
    Good interview with Chomsky and I look fwd to the next segment.

  • Brett_McS

    The left can’t argue a case. They are like conspiracy theorists; sprouting off series of unsupported, well rehearsed assertions.