Muslim woman rams car into police at Miami Airport, shouts in Arabic, says she has a bomb

Screen-Shot-2015-03-06-at-6.46.25-PM-550x365[1]A woman was arrested at gunpoint Thursday at Miami International Airport after screaming at police officers that she had a bomb.

Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa, 33, from Honduras, attempted to drive her car through the airport’s entrance, but instead crashed into a patrol car.

She then began screaming at officers in what they believe was Arabic and saying that she had a bomb.

  • She’s a Honduran Muslima?

    • It’s all so vibrant!

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Wait until you see the Mexican Nazis!
      Yes, ‘it’s a thing’ and they do exist.

      • Linda1000

        The Saudis are right that women drivers are dangerous? They have cars in the Honduras? How did she get a Florida driver’s license? Seems vehicular jihad is now becoming more popular.

    • tom_billesley

      Islam is needed in Central America. So many ancient civilizations to bulldoze.

  • Brett_McS

    Where is that police brutality when it’s needed!?!

  • Alain

    So she is from Honduras but speaks Arabic; I am just so confused.

    • lolwut?

      Muslims are like AIDS, no one is immune.

  • Paulla

    Her hair is covered, like a Muslima.

  • Sharkibark

    According to Wiki; Muslims account for approximately 1% of the local population – or about 5000 – 6000 people.

    The most interesting part of the article (I thought) was this ” In 1984, an Islamic charitable organization was founded, with the main object of taking care of the interests of the Arabs and Muslims in the country, and they have since built a mosque, where they meet and discuss their social and religious affairs, including the education of their children, the most important of which is teaching them the Qur’an and the Arabic language.” Not math, medicine, science, language or the arts: just the Koran and the Arabic language.

    Lucky they built that mosque so no misunderstandings of Islam would happen!

  • Canadian

    Don`t they have trash cans, in Florida?

  • winniec

    Islamic Stockholm syndrome. Think of Patti Hurst in a hijab…then you understand all Muslim women who wear the prison uniform of gender enslavement.

    • Frau Katze

      Right. If Patty Hearst had been kidnapped by Muslims, she’d likely have converted. And be a Muslim still.

  • WalterBannon

    I long for the good old days when the cops would just take these kinds of people and beat the crap out of them before booking them….

    • Clausewitz

      I miss the Cherry Beach Express.

  • lolwut?

    lol, that picture is hilarious.

  • It must be one of those lone wolves I keep hearing so much about.

  • eMan14

    Maybe it was the accent… she was really saying “Aye Caramba.. I have a bum.”

  • Barrington Minge

    Why does she not have the ventilation holes from the Colt 1911?