Islamophobia In Iceland: Dog Whistle Politics And Outright Xenophobia

unnamed-10The last few weeks have seen a major outbreak of Islamophobia in Iceland. Following the attacks at the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo, Icelandic social media was full of rants about the dangers posed by Muslims and the impending Islamization of Europe and Iceland.

Far right hate group PEGIDA established a chapter in Iceland. MP Ásmundur Friðriksson, of the conservative Independence Party floated the idea that all Icelandic Muslims be subjected to a thorough background check.

You know, to make sure they weren’t terrorists. Former DV editor Jónas Kristjánsson proposed that special conditions be applied to the citizenship of Muslims by requiring them to sign a sort of loyalty oath to the state, promising to uphold Western values.

This development is troubling. But also a little curious, since there are only about 1,500 Muslims currently residing in Iceland…

And the “far-right” groups want to keep it that way, please and thank-you.