Hey, Lets Help ISIS Kill Itself!

The world is consumed with finding a way to end the chaos being spread across the Middle East by the psycho-killers of the Islamic State.

But at ever stage we seem confounded by national, cultural or political concerns that prevent us from stopping the rapes, enslavements and wholesale slaughter of the innocents.

Some don’t want to put “boots on the ground” or their own military in harm’s way. Others worry about offending their own Muslim populations or worse, painting a target on them. A few hope this gang of thugs will simply wear themselves out.

  • First let them kill a lot of other Muslims.

    When they get done. Kill them.

  • Gaian

    If the civilized world would just make the effort to push islamics into one place and cut off all supplies except water to that area then in a short time the islamics would kill themselves. It’s their nature. Whatever is left can be easily disposed of and the land reclaimed. It would only take a few years. But the problem of the greedy arms suppliers to the islamics, like the US government, is more complicated. It would be better to send that kind into islolation with the islamic barbarians.