Flight MH370 a year on: Lost without a trace – but the search goes on

“A harrowing 12 months of uncertainty and sorrow” – that is how Australia’s Prime Minister yesterday described the suffering of the families of passengers and crew lost aboard flight MH370.

In the parliament in Canberra, Tony Abbott told relatives: “We are taking every reasonable step to bring your uncertainty to an end.” But he hinted that if the present phase of the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet proves fruitless, it may be scaled back. “I cannot promise that the search will go on at this intensity forever,” he said.

  • Brett_McS

    I don’t know why Australia should be playing so active a role. The Malaysian government is probably hoping to find something to cast doubt on the obvious conclusion that this was another suicide by airliner, like the Egyptian case earlier.

    • ntt1

      I’m glad Australia is involved Malaysian is an Islamic Government and will have too many cultural considerations to provide true answers

  • Exile1981

    I read an interesting theory the other day. The idea of where the airliner went is based on two bits of satellite data – one is time phase stamp (gives distance to sattelite) and the other is frequency shift data (gives direction of travel). The engineer said that the model of satellite handshake system on the Malaysian 777’s can be reprogrammed to shift frequencies and if done correctly it will give you a false direction of travel.

    So his theory was that if you threw out the possibly faked direction info and instead stuck with the distance arc data then where would it go. It ends up at a russian aerodrome in Kazikstan. The theory is interesting http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/02/jeff-wise-mh370-theory.html