Court heard the twins’ four-year-old brother was healthy and the home was well stocked with food.

EDMONTON — A judge has sentenced a mother to 15 years for beating, neglecting and starving her two-year-old twin girls before one of them died in hospital.

Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Eric Macklin is giving the 37-year-old woman a little over four years of credit for time she has already spent in custody.

Macklin said he could not conclude that she was depressed or mentally ill. But he added that she was “likely a mother who was completely overwhelmed by her circumstances and unable to cope” after the family moved to Canada from Algeria.

“It is difficult to conceptualize and verbalize the horrific acts to which these innocent children were subjected,” Macklin said in his decision Friday. “It is also difficult to conceive of a more egregious breach of trust between a parent and a child.”

The girls weighed 13 and 16 pounds and were the size of six-month-old babies when paramedics were called to the family’s home in 2012.

Court heard the twins’ four-year-old brother was healthy and the home was well stocked with food.

  • Exile1981

    Sounds less like a parent who had an issue and more like they were upset the babies where girls. Just cultural diversity, nothing to see, move along people.

  • UCSPanther

    Only fifteen years?!

    That broad should be getting thirty with zero parole at least.

    • Frances

      So should the father.

  • Linda1000

    So both parents will serve about 11 or 12 years in jail and then what? I think it would make more sense to deport both of them back to Algeria now and let their home country deal with the punishment for them. It is very clear that their two remaining kids should not be placed back into the parents care when they will be young teenagers. It would be better for the kids to be adopted now. I don’t see why Cdn. Taxpayers have to continue paying to keep the parents in Canada as this court case has been ongoing for a few years already which has cost $$ hundreds of thousands. Just another family of such good muslim immigrants. I also recall that when this case was first reported in the press and the parents were challenging not to take the one little girl off life support, that there were a number of of fellow muslim supporters of the parents who showed up at the court house. Who else in the muslim community knew about this family situation and didn’t report it because it took months to starve those girls almost to death, not days or weeks. All the parents had to do was contact their mosque once and they would have received help I’m pretty sure.

  • Sharkibark

    Every time I hear a story of abuse, or neglect, or worse! of children my heart breaks. As someone who has longed for children (two ectopic pregancies made me lose both fallopian tubes and three rounds of failed IVF decimated our savings before my husband and I became resigned to our situation) I want nothing but the death penalty for these people.

  • Alix

    Multiculturalism. Diversity. Just another . . . you know the drill.

    Life magazine way back when printed a photo from India pre-partition showing a family of the religion-which-must-not-be-named, a father, mother and two children. The father and the son were healthy and well nourished. The mother was scrawny and exhausted and the girl was obviously starving. One of the few times I saw my father truly angry. Expect more of this as we drown in the joys of back to the 7th century.